Saturday, March 31, 2012

Shop till you drop...

I had such a great day today! I spent the day shopping, shopping and doing more shopping.... I met my mom at 7 AM  to check out the community yardsale in her development. Dad, Brian and the boys ended up joining us. We found SO many cheap deals! I got some really cool gardening pots, books and other things I didn't need. One yardsale was like a dream come true for the boys with two tables covered in toys, blocks, and books for their age group and the people were practically giving the stuff away! We got TONs of boxed science experiment projects to do with them all summer for $3! Plus their grandpa bought them a bunch of toys too... my brother was just thrilled (he thinks they have too many toys and not enough room as it is). I spent $20 and filled up my trunk! Craziness.

Around 9 AM my mom and I headed out to Mesa for the Scrapbooks Etc yardsale. It was AWESOME as usual and we both scored lots of treasures. We were very glad we arrived just after the doors opened, because we heard the line was around the building! There really wasn't much space to move and LOOK at stuff... it was probably the most crowded I have ever seen. We were jammed together and this 50+ lady, said  "You can't really even move in here, you just got to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah." I was laughing so hard and she just gave a little smile... maybe she had never heard that song.

After the yardsale my mom bought our lunch at Subway. Everything always tastes so delicious after you wrestle a bear shop at the crowded yardsale.

Blair met me at the house at 2PM for our thrift store shopping trip. She said she is tired of wearing maternity clothes and needs some skinnier jeans. She is almost at her per Mason weight already which I am really proud of her! We ended up only going to two Savers and a Goodwill.... I found way too many cute clothes and she only found about 6 shirts and one pair of pants. We ate dinner at Village Inn and ordered almost the same thing ; soda, salad and lemon meringue pie - yumm! It was a great evening as always. I just love spending time with Blair she is one of my favorite people in the world. We always laugh a lot and can talk about ANYTHING! Love her!

All this time Kenny was having a pretty good day too... He slept in and then worked on cleaning up the garage.. In the afternoon he headed out to Buckeye for a party at his mom's house. Barb's roommate, Vince was cooking the Javelina he recently got while hunting. They cooked him in a big hole in the ground. I was pretty sad to miss the BBQ, but had made the plans with Blair before we knew. Kenny brought me home a baggie of meat to try. It was pretty good : )

Today is also the anniversary of Kenny's dad, Ron's death. We didn't do anything special to remember him but we chatted about him today and yesterday. Today is also Kenny's friend, Matt Olson's b-day. They chatted on the phone for awhile and caught up a little bit.

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