Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games

This time I am at the front of a craze...instead of years behind like Twilight and Harry Potter! I didn't get to catch the midnight showing, but I did see the first Hunger Games twice during opening weekend!

Saturday evening I joined Donna and Becky to see the movie for the first time. I misunderstood which theater we were meeting at so I showed up to Arrowhead AMC and couldn't find them ... that is when I took out my (prepurchased) ticket and realized I was at the wrong theater! The girls had a good laugh at that.... lol . Becky was so sweet and treated me for my birthday- I felt so spoiled with my giant icee and bag of popcorn.

The movie was excellent and I think they did a great job following the book, although like any movie they can't fit ALL the details of the book. Donna and Becky hadn't read the book, but enjoyed the movie just the same. I was crying so much at the beginning during the reaping, and they were perfectly dry eyed! I think it was because I had the background information the book gave you that a movie really can't.

Sunday Kenny and I met up with Blair, Allan, Matt and Hannah to see the movie again. Matt had read the books even before I did and was very excited to see the movie too. It was a lot of fun joining their family for an outing. Kenny liked the movie and I enjoyed watching it a second time. Blair and I bickered about  being 'team Peeta or Gale'... its Twilight all over. lol

Looking forward to the second movie... are they making a second one??? They would be crazy not to since this movie grossed more on opening weekend than the last Harry Potter movie!!

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