Monday, June 29, 2009

More Planting

When Kenny got home last night we went out to dinner at Arribas and then went to Walmart for more gardening supplies. I came across flowers on clearance for 75 cents!! So I snagged two packages and this long planter and I just might go back for more to line the walk way up to our front door.

Also, here is an updated picture of my squash and pumpkins... PLUS the post is in for my fence. Things are coming along - yippee.

I am so happy Kenny is home!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blue Flip Flops

I slip on these old blue flip flops to go out side to pick up the yard and throw the ball for the dogs... and they have learned this... so this morning when I slipped them on to put them in the closet (instead of by the back door where I had been leaving them) the dogs went nuts with excitement! I couldn't disappoint them so we went and out and played ball. I think it is funny how dogs learn different triggers to our actions (suitcases means they will be alone for awhile, the beeping timer means its time to beg for food, etc).

Since I won't be able to plant my pumpkin and squash in the garden until next week (because its not ready... ) my dad came over and we transplanted them into a bigger deeper planter. I also, planted spaghetti squash and another variety of pumpkin that is supposed to be good for making pies.

Kenny is driving home from Laughlin as we speak and I cannot wait until 6 PM when he will be home! This has been the longest weekend ever...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I have sprouts!

I was SO excited this morning when I went to water and saw this--

Family Night Out

Thursday night Kenny and I had a Family fun night with my bro and his boys. We decided it was a Chuck E Cheese night... we order some pizzas (had to order two because the boys are monsters when it comes to Pizza- Bunkie can eat 1/2 a pizza!) and a bucket of coins to play. $60 later (yikes!) we were ready to roll. At first the boys wanted to ride all the "rides" but after I had to take them off of two of them because they were to scary (the Monster truck one practically dumped them out and the fake roller coast was just too much : )) we decided to try the video games. Kenny won a jack pot of 105 tickets on one game... Jake was so cute grabing all the tickets from the machine. The boys and the big boys got lots of tickets and bought some valuable foam darts and cardboard Sponge Bob toys with the almost 4oo tickets...

Afterwards we headed to Cracker Jax to play some goofy golf. The men we disappointed in the boring coarse, but the boys loved running up and down and being obstacles for the men. Jake thought it was good fun to find the golf balls and throw it as far as he could... Kenny and my brother played along with him and had to hit the ball from where ever it landed.

Here are some pictures...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Backyard Face life- Day 3

So each day after work we have been working on the yard... its hot,BUT we are making progress... see for yourself! Holes are being filled, the grass has been tamed, the weeds are getting manageable and the ground is being tilled for the garden...

I planted some seeds in this egg carton so maybe they will sprout and I can have pumpkins in November instead of December... hope it works out : )

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

She's 3!!

Today Shelby is 3 years old! We got her a new elk antler "bone" which she loves and we played ball for a while.

She is such a loving dog and pretty well behaved... when we are around!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Project- Backyard Facelift

Kenny and I both really hate yard work, that is why our little track home back yard suites us just right... however lately we have kinda let the dogs take over (giant holes, stuffing and remnants of toys everywhere... and we haven't been staying on top of the wild grass and weeds... SO this is our new project. I am not sure why we waited until we are in the triple digits to get started, but we did... I was hesitant to add before pictures to this post, but I went ahead and did it anyway...
So far I found two yucky spiders (boo bug man we pay every month)!! A black widow and this other mystery one... any ideas??

The plan for the yard is to extend the picket fence (that currently protects the AC from the monsters) back to the brick fence for a little garden. Fill in the holes, paint the bench, add a ceiling fan on the porch, paint the porch and maybe plant a few bushes. We never planted bushes before because the dogs always feel the need to dig them back out - even though the leave the giant weeds alone! I am not sure what else, but we will see as we go..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad

Here is a picture of my dad... cooking his own Pork Steaks for dinner (isn't he buff!) . He loves to BBQ and would rather be helping out than sitting back watching others work. My dad is one of the most hardworking people I know. I love you dad!!

The Original Garcias

After the cemetery we went to the original Garcia's Mexican restaurant with Barb and Sarah... the food was SO good although we all filled up on the chips and salsa! Sarah tried fried ice cream for the first time... she thought it was great!

Father's Day

I knew this Father's Day would be a hard one with our recent news and this being the first Father's Day since Kenny's grandpa and step-day have been gone... and of course his own dad gone as well.... This morning we just ate cereal for breakfast and worked on the house. Later we went to the cemetery to visit Dave, Quint and Terry. It was hard.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Playing with a full deck

To celebrate my dad's 52nd B-day today we played cards... since Dad is now playing with a full deck... ha ha ha and we even let him come back from behind and win!

How does this look on me?

Nope not the shirt... nope not wearing make up... the SMILE. I thought I would dust it off and use it again...

I am not saying I won't struggle when I see a pregnant woman at the store or a cooing baby in the booth next to us at a restaurant, BUT I am trying to be positive and not focus on what I don't or won't have...

I realize my life is not over because we cannot have our own children... we may adopt.. or not, we don't know yet. BUT the thing I am focusing on is what I DO have to be thankful for... which is a lot!! I have an amazing husband who would do anything for me and shows me everyday how much he loves me. I have an awesome family, great friends, a steady job, a nice truck, a cute house, 3 dogs who love me unconditionally and so much more.

So I hope you will be seeing mor!e of this smile!

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Do

Today I got a much needed hair cut today... 7 inches chopped off! I just felt like I needed a change...

Pretty Boys

Last Sunday we had a family BBQ for Father's Day. We did it a week early so everyone could come... my Dad, the best BBQer ever, made us stakes and chicken legs.

My grandma brought me some Estee Lauder gift bags that the boys thought were fun to put their toys in and carry around the house... well Bunkie discovered some make up in one of
them... that is when the fun began. With Uncle Kenny's help the boys got all dolled up and then put some lip stick on their sleeping dad... and all over their grandma's face. (sorry the pictures are not in order... they keep disappearing when I try to put them in order)


I was recently told I take too many pictures... its true I generally have a camera in hand and I LOVE to take pictures. People, projects, animals, cool plants, interesting food, inspirational ideas, pretty stuff...whatever, I LIKE to take pictures! Last Sunday I had my handy dandy, scratched up, purple Nikon Coolpix just in time to catch this picture of my charming nephew Jacob-- SO worth it! Sorry friends and family... you will just have to put up with me the family Paparazzi!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Purse of Quirks

Here is the purse of quirks project my mom and I did at our class yesterday. Another class from Susan Mast-- It is made out of a ribbon spool! How cool is that?? She used her purse/book to illustrate her different quirks and put pictures of herself - which was really cute! I think I am going to use my for family pictures and quotes... or maybe as a gift. It was another fun class... and we can't wait for her Margaritaville class in July!!

My Dad's 52nd B-day Dinner

So here I go again with the food posts...but I guess that's is just us : ) For my dad's B-day we took him to Buffalo Wild Wings. It was a fun place... we tried all 14 flavors of sauce, some fun drinks and shared an appetizer and of course wings!! Afterwards we went swimming and hung out. Happy Birthday Dad!!

Scrapbook Party

Thursday night was the 6 month hoopla and party at Scrapbooks etc for the album club I am in. It was amazing! We got a giant bag of goodies plus I won a door prize! I met some fun people at the party and really had a nice night. The best part of all of it is the club has really kept me inspired and I have got 25 pages completed!

Book of Dog Quotes!

My mom and took this awesome class from Susan Mast at Scrapbooks Etc last week and we made this really fun book of dog quotes... It was a blast. Check out her blog at She is really fun and super creative! He also took her purse of quirks class Saturday (pictures to follow!)