Sunday, March 4, 2012


This morning I had a big birthday surprise waiting for me :) 

It started at the truck with balloons and a text saying, "Follow the clues to your surprise sis we all love you so much"





 There (missed taking a picture of that one!)

20 total signs and balloons!! It was crazy! After the first phrase... and then the second I kept thinking it would be over... I couldn't believe it kept going ! It was kind of over whelming as the back seat filled more and more with balloons and signs! 

This has to rank in the top 10 of birthday surprises for sure. A LOT of work went into this and my brother even lost sleep over it ! You know that has value! It really did make me feel special. 

Thanks family for making my day special (my birthday is actually tomorrow, but we celebrated today) 

OH and if you are wondering what the surprise was... it is an amazing new camera! 

Not only did they spare me the time of researching and shopping for a new camera, but they got all the features that are important to me... and more! I love the burst mode and the kids/pets mode that takes a picture when I touch the button. I also love that you can start recording a video with ONE touch rather than having to go to the menu to switch modes. Its awesome. It was from my hubby, brother and my dad.
Spoiled. I know.