Sunday, June 27, 2010

Caught Up

Happy Sunday everyone! Our plans to go to the lake with my brother and the boys this morning fell through which gave me the time to update the blog! I just finished the posts for the last 2 weeks... you will have to click "Older Posts" at the bottom of the page twice to see everything.

Thanks and enjoy!

Amanda & Kenny


Jereme and Melodi had us over for a BBQ and a swim and these are the awesome fun pictures we took.
Melodi and Jereme
Me again


Saturday, June 26, 2010


It's childish I know...
it doesn't even look real
but when someone lifts up that fake bagel and the little rubber roach that it attached by a fishing line "jumps out" at people...
I can't help but laugh!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Odd Thursday

Sometimes I miss boring... we have been so busy lately we really don't have time to STOP and be bored...
Anyway, Thursday was my book club night (which I am learning SO much at BTW) and that same day Trevor ended up having an emergency surgery for his hernia so Kenny went and spend the evening with everyone at the hospital. Trevor did just fine and ended up having the best possible outcome after the surgery.

When we got home about 9:30 (after being gone since 6:30 AM) we found this-
Lake Kuhn
The dogs didn't seem to mind, but it was a big mystery where all the water came from! There was NO water running, but it was obvious it was from our yard since the neighbors yards weren't near as flooded as ours!

We ended up getting a note from our neighbor that our hose had broke which leads to the dogs automatic watering system. He jumped the fence and turned it off for us- thank goodness! Can't wait to get the waterbill this month...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Slide Rock, Sedona AZ

We took a off a few hours early on Wednesday and headed up to Sedona with our friends Jereme and Melodi.

It was beautiful!

We had a lot of fun playing on this log for a while... although Kenny looks like he is having a little too much fun dumping Melodi off the log!

Here is the four of us
The natural water slides/chutes were SO awesome! The current drags you through the slides. I have never done anything like this and really loved it! Although the water was totally freezing we all tried the slides. I got pretty banged up from the rocks, oh and slipping all the time...totally worth it!
Melodi at the end of the slide
Jereme again
This is Kenny... we were a little down stream from the slide areas, but the currents were still pretty strong and kept you going. I told Kenny to wait so I could snap a picture... he tried, but the current was too strong. We laughed and laughed...
After Slide rock we drove around Sedona a little and came across the Trout Farm. It was closed, but we fed some of the fish anyway (see them jumping to the surface of the water)

We grabbed some ice cream for Melodi (someone ended up giving her a $5 coupon while she was in line so her Cold Stone ice cream ended up costing like 20 cents!). Then we stopped for dinner at Taco Bell on the way home.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hangin' Out

Tuesday we spent the evening at our friends Beverly and Lloyd's house.
This is their awesome dog Coco
Beverly and her little dog Frankie
Oscar and Frankie
These are Ryan, Bev's son, fish. They were really neat, and the pictures don't do them justice!
Kenny and Coco (I am telling Shelby!)
Beverly and Lloyd

Bev made some delicious pork tacos and we played cards and listen to music. Great relaxing evening.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

2 for 1

This year my dad's birthday and Father's Day ended up falling on the same day! So we had a nice big party on Sunday to celebrate both. It was such a nice day! My grandma came over, my brother and the boys were there and everyone was in a great mood!
Kenny and I got my dad some cigars for his b-day. He had never smoked one so Kenny, my brother and I smoked them with him : )
None of us really liked the cigar, but it was something different to try that is for sure.
All the guys! My brother, Kenny, Jacob, Dad and Little Brian
My grandma brought Lucy over too and her and my mom's dog Monty had so much fun playing all afternoon.
Mom and Grandma
Kenny sittin on little Brian
The boys just gravitate to Kenny
My Dad's ice cream cake
Jacob is 3... but he still likes to be babied... I thought this was SO cute my dad feeding him is cake.
We played wii and once Little Brian figured out what to do (my mom was such a patient teacher!) he dominated! He beat Kenny and my brother at boxing!

Monty serenading Lucy...
Back to smoking the cigars...

Dad, Brian, Jacob, Me, Little Brian, Mom, Grandma and Kenny