Thursday, August 21, 2008

On 8/21/2008 9:16 AM, Amanda L. Kuhn wrote:
Hello Everyone!!

YICKS !it has been SOOO long since I have written and this note is SO long- sorry!!! Hope everyone is doing awesome! We have both been so busy at work and at home- in fact Kenny is in Nevada right now that I just haven't had the time to officially write the "Kuhn Update". With the poor economy the pressure has really been put on me at work and I don't have as much extra time. There is has been no indication of layoffs yet, but with expenses so high that is always a possibility looming in the future. Well enough doom and gloom we really have been good and enjoying ourselves. Here is what we have been up to--
06/14- Barb and Dave’s for fathers day and Sarah’s b-day. We had a nice meal and enjoyed spending time together.
06/15/08- Brian’s house for fathers day celebration
Friday night (06/20/08) was my dad’s 51st b-day so we ordered some pizza and played cards at their place. It was such a shame to have to beat him at cribbage and backwards bridge on his b-day, but sometimes that is just the way the cards fall! Afterwards we ran over to our softball game at 9- we had fun although the other team whooped us.
06/21 Kenny and Randy went shooting at Ben Avery
06/27 Kenny got his new gun. We just had to go visit Barb and Dave and show them and since the store was near my Grandparents house we stopped by there too.
06/30 I was “lucky” enough to get into the dentist on Monday morning for an emergency visit—I ended up getting my first crown. I don’t do well with needles and passed out when they gave me the novocaine. Then when they gave me the $460 I wanted to pass out again. I was SO numb after that (even my ear was numb!!) I ended up just going home and spending the afternoon on the couch with the dogs.
07/01- Tuesday was a much better day- work breezed by and that evening Kenny went to get the trailer for our trip and I went to the American Idol Concert with Blair. Now don’t feel sorry for Kenny not going to the concert, because I really tried to get him to go, but he didn’t want to be part of the “teenie boper craze” Blair and I had such a blast and want to make it an annual tradition!
Wednesday we left on our camping trip to Forest Lakes. We camped out in the forest near Kenny’s grandparent’s cabin. We were super lucky to get an uncrowded spot with lots of room for the dogs to run and play. The weather was wonderful and it rained on us every day. Friday was Sarah’s yard sale and we helped out with that and went to a few of the other yard sales in the area. Friday night Sarah and Quint took us (Kenny, me Nanette and Kim) to dinner for all our help with the yard sale. It was nice, but chilly believe it or not with the rain we actually had to wear jackets!! Saturday we drove into Heber/Overgaurd, Bison ranch and Show Low. We ran into a friend at Bison ranch who was up there camping with his SSR buddies. The drive was so beautiful to/from! On Sunday when we left it was only 59 degrees! We wanted to get a jump start down the hill to avoid some of the holiday weekend traffic. We were doing fine until we approached Sunflower and saw some smoke. It turned out to be a car fire and they stopped our traffic for 51 mins! Everyone was getting out of their cars and walking dogs and kids along the highway. One lady offered us $20 to use our restroom in the trailer! We let her use it for free of course, but it was kinda funny.
 Monday night (07/07) We visited my Grandma and Grandpa and had some Pizza for dinner. My grandma had dug out an old family picture album. It was so much fun to see the old pictures of our family. My brother was the cutest little guy, plus there were pictures of my Grandma Max, Grandma Taylor, Uncle Kenny and even my parents wedding! It was so much fun to hear the stories—my favorite was the Christmas picture of my uncle rick and my grandma remembered that, that was the year he came home (he lives in CA) and said he was going to marry Mei-lan. The really funny thing is he hadn’t even asked her out yet—So cute and romantic!!
Friday (07/11/08) Was my day off Friday and I met up with a friend from work to sew all day at the quilt shop. She taught me how to make a super cute purse and we worked on other unfinished projects. Later Kenny and I went out for Mexican food since our softball game was canceled due to rain (since the field was flooded).
07/12 Saturday my mom and I went and got pedicures and did some shopping—it was a lot of fun. We have so many events coming up 2 baby showers, a housewarming and a wedding to buy for it was good to get some of that done. Saturday night Kenny and I went to Blair’s housewarming party.
 07/13 Sunday Kenny and I had a date afternoon! We went to Firebirds for lunch and then went and saw the movie Hancock after. When we walked out of the theater we had no idea it was pouring rain!! We both ran like crazy people to the car. By the time we got in we were both laughing hysterically and soaked to the bone.