Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It is that time again for the more exciting than the newspaper, longer than a chain letter e-mail - the long anticipated... Kuhn Update!
Yep it has been a month (actually longer) and here is what we have been up to--
Fourth of July week Kenny and I went to Flagstaff to camp in our new trailer.

Beautiful temperatures, a little rain, a nice forest trail for hiking and 3 great dogs- who could ask for more! My parents came up for the weekend and we all drove up to the snow bowl to ride the ski lift. It was so neat- the views were amazing and the it was so cool-even a little cold- at the top of the mountain.

Lately we have found ourselves at the movies often. It was one of our favorite things to do when we were dating and somehow fell off the list of importance as daily activities consume our lives. The last few "flicks" we have seen are The Transformers, Evan Almighty and License to Wed- all really great and enjoyable movies.
Also, Kenny and I have started to frequent the Tempe Improv. There are a few of us here at the office who meet before the show for dinner and then we head over to the show. We saw Pablo Fransico and Norm Mac Donald this month. It is nice to just go and laugh and hang out with our friends.
Thanks to my mom, Kenny and I have started to be regulars at Church again. We attend Radiant Church in Surprise. We really enjoy Radiant mostly because it is laid back in the atmosphere, but as pastor Lee will tell you serious about the Bible and it's teachings. Oh! Also, we signed up for the Church softball team! I am super excited about that- although I haven't played for almost 8 years. We are excited about meeting new people and getting out there to have some fun. Our first practice is this Saturday.
The church has also inspired us to become more active in our community. We have signed up to volunteer twice a month at our local food bank. In addition, we are in the process of applying to be BREAD drivers. Basically what that is - is you pick up a box of food and deliver it to an elderly person or couple who cannot drive or is otherwise home bound. It will be something good for us to do together and maybe help out others.
A friend of mine is walking in the Breast Cancer 3 day this year and has to raise $2200 for the walk. To help her out I made a quilt and sold raffle tickets here and work. We raised $145 for the quilt that she was able to put toward her goal.

One more thing on that same note- I donated my hair! I have been growing it out for a while and finally decided it was time to chop it all off. I donated it to locks of love.

Let’s see what else- Oh Kenny had a few appointments down in Tucson on my Friday off and asked me to tag along with him. The drive can be long by yourself so he said if I came he would take me to some quilt shops- little did he know I would have went anyway : ) He did his audits then we had the whole afternoon to explore Tucson. We went to several quilt shops and Twice as Nice shops. Twice is Nice is a resale shop that buys and sells clothing for the whole family. I used to work at the Phoenix location and had to drive to Tucson for our managers' meetings. It was a lot of fun to check out the shops and of course I came away with lots of crafty inspiration from the quilt shops. Also, we ate breakfast at The Waffle House for the first time on that trip and - yummy!!
Two weekends ago my brother invited Kenny and I over for dinner! We don't get together often enough so it was quite a treat to spend time with them. Brian BBQ some delicious stakes (I think you have some competition Dad!) and made mashed potatoes. They seem to really be enjoying their new house and all the space. Krissy (Crystal's daughter) has her own room and the boys share a room. Jacob is so adorable and is already crawling! He really wants to stand up and sticks his butt in the air, but then doesn't know quite what to do from there. We really enjoyed the time with them.
Last Friday we got Shelby (our black lab) fixed and she need the weekend to recover. Kenny had been itching to go up and see his grandparents so he went up there and tool Toby along with him. Kenny had such a great time up there. Nanette, Kim and Andy were also up spending the weekend at Nanette's cabin and they all played Andy's Nintendo wii- Kenny said it was such a blast. Sunday he came back early enough to take over babysitting Shelby (just that she was supposed to stay inside and we cannot trust them to be inside when we are not home) so I could go to my class. I took a rug hooking class at Quiltz. It was a lot of fun and will be a fun thing to take along camping.
Well, that is about it for us (I think). We are doing well just working and staying busy. Kenny still loves his job and I like mine. We are really looking forward to our trip to Durango, CO next month. Anyway, we would love to hear from you--
Amanda and Kenny