Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Highlights

In January we were blessed with 2 more God babies-  
In February we played the ultimate prank on a co-worker 
In March I went skydiving - 

In April we went Spelunking for the first time- 
In May we visited the other Kuhns in Vegas 
In June we went Deep Sea Fishing and 
and to Sea World (my first time for both) 
In July I overcame my fear of needles and donated blood (without passing out) with hubby by my side
In August we took my grandma to California for a family vacation and 
Hiked to Havasupai Falls
In September we visited Katchner Caverns and 
and backpacked into Fossil Springs 
In October we did the Susan G Koman breast cancer walk and 
became Phoenix Suns Season ticket holders 
In November we cruised to Hawaii - 
And in December we spend the holidays with our families 
Those are our highlights.... what are yours? Here is to an amazing
Happy New Year !

Suns/New years

We had big plans for New Year's Eve this year. We had intended on riding the light rail down to the Suns' Game and then riding down to Tempe Town Lakes for the big hoora down there. Well we were both run down and tired and didn't feel like standing out in the cold with a huge crowd of people, ever mind the $20 per person cover charge... When we discovered the Suns were hosting a New Year's eve Party we decided to do that instead. When we got to the game the band was already there and even played at half time... we both agreed they weren't very good. It was sort of like a whole band doing karaoke! So we went home after the game and brought in the new year watching the movie Hangover instead of getting one! Lol 

Snow babies (big ones!)

The truck with frost on it

 Friday morning we headed up north with our buddy Blair and her family to play in the snow! We lucked out because of the storm on Thursday there was lots of snow in Prescott (just an hour and half away from the house). Blair is 8 months pregnant and really wanted to take her older kids to the snow before the baby comes and today was pretty much the last day! We we worried about the roads being closed but didn't have any issues getting up there. 

Krissy and Jacob 
My brother pushing Kenny and Little Brian
Mybrother and Kenny found us a cool place just behind the Casino to play. It was a closed road so we thought that would be a nice place to sled.... It worked out of about 20 minutes before the boys started to get cold and freak out... It was pretty much a repeat of our last trip up... but WAY worse. They were wailing and screaming "help me, help me" It was pretty ridiculous and embarrassing. Blair tried to calm them down, but they wouldn't listen and were just plain done with the snow. I walked them up the hill (carrying Jacob) and got them to the car. My brother saw what was going on and came up to get them situated. We got them redressed and warm in the car, but they were still throwing HUGE fits, so my brother said just leave them in here and lock the door. I just couldn't do that... I thought we would probably get arrested or something leaving the kids in the car unattended. So I sat with them and Krissy came up. She was done with playing in the snow and agreed to stay with them (She is a super awesome sister and I always appreciate her help!) 

The tears have begun
Jacob crying in the car (Little Brian is under the covers) 
View from the top of the hill 
While Krissy sat with the boys in the car we got some time to sled (once each) down this awesomely steep hill... When we first saw it we didn't think it would be safe... but knew who would try it out... my crazy awesome brother!

See the first video below. The second video is me. Kenny, Krissy, Matthew, Allan and I all did the crazy steep hill and loved it. Blair really wanted to, but being that pregnant just would not have been a good idea...

Allan coming down the hill 
This was my first sledding experience and I cannot wait to go back (without kids)! I was really surprised tumbling didn't hurt! When I got up I couldn't see because of all the snow in my face! lol 

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow in Peoria and Rock Climbing

Today was a flippin' fabulous day! I went to lunch with my friend Beverly and when we were walking from the car to the building it SNOWED on us! It was really hard to take pictures of since it didn't stick, but I did get this picture of a few snow ball/flakes on Bev's jacket. It was magical and fun. 
 We got out off work early and guess what? It snowed again on my way home!! 

 Later we met up with our friends Melodi and Jereme at AZ on the Rocks to try out indoor rock climbing. I had a free day pass from finding an error there newsletter (no it wasn't a spelling or grammar error you all know I am immune to those!) and Jereme had bought the most recent Groupon for the place.
Melodi, Jereme and Kenny gearing up

Melodi belaying for Jereme 

Me belaying for Melodi

Kenny climbing up a more difficult wall 

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Kenny is the only one who tried bouldering and I was so proud of him! He did a great job.

We had a fabulous time at the rock gym and really got a good workout. Kenny and I want to bring my brother there because we know he will love it! After Climbing we went to a Chicago style restaurant for dinner. We had the BEST cheesy French fries ever.... it was a mix between nacho cheese and real cheese... yummo !

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


 I love when they do the subway give way and drop subs from the ceiling. Very fun! 

Much more fun than watching the suns lose to the 76ers... We felt like the refs were making some pretty unfair calls... although they still would have lost since they just couldn't seem to make any shots. They are on a 4 game losing streak.... eeek ! 

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Glendale Glitters

 My brother and his kids met Kenny and I up at Glendale Glitters on Tuesday night. It was a little disappointing since there were no vendors around... not much to do but take a few laps around the park looking at lights. The boys of course enjoyed it... until someone stole Little Brian's bag of candy! Kenny, Krissy and the boys were running and wrestling in the grassy area and Brian and I had sat down. Little Brian set us bag right by us and it just dis appeared! grrr
Jacob and Little Brian (before his candy was taken!) 
Jacob, me and Little Brian (he is crying about his candy bag) 
As you can see I was not pleased about the Kenny and Brian taking pictures of little Brain crying. I hate when they tease him! 
Little Brian and Jake with their silly mustaches (we took em to McDonalds inside Walmart after Glendale Glitters)