Monday, March 26, 2007


Hi Everyone!

How is everything?  I hope everyone is doing well, but I know some of you are going through hard times right now and I hope you know we are thinking of you during these struggles. During sickness and hardship we should be able to lean on our family and friends and I hope you know we are here to help.

On to more positive things, I have been so busy lately I haven't been able to take the time to write the "updates", but Kenny did a fabulous job in my absence :) He is down in Tucson working today, but will be home tonight. Also, today is Andy's Birthday (Kenny's cousin). HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDY!

As Kenny mentioned we headed to Vegas last Wednesday. I really enjoyed the road trip part of our mini vacation. We got to see the Hoover Dam at night -- it was amazingly beautiful. The hotel was really great too. We stayed at the Sunset Station in Henderson. They had half a dozen restaurants, a bowling ally, movie theater, ice cream shop, gift shop, pool, exercise room and of course casino all in the hotel. Thursday Kenny worked and later we went to a movie (Ghost Rider) and did some gambling. I usually don't gamble, but Kenny loves black jack. It was nerve racking to watch, but pretty fun.... he bet $75 on one hand and lost, but that is part of the game. I guess you have to bet big to win big...He ended up walking away with $140 in winnings. Friday before we left I was lucky enough to get a tour of the local quilt shops. It is always nice to see new ideas and get inspired.

We got home late Friday night and boy were our muddy dogs glad to see us. I am not sure, but I think it is a law that is must rain when you leave town. My parents came and fed them and played with them while we were gone, but they are used to being inside at night so I am sure they weren't happy with us. In fact Hope ignored us until Sunday...

Saturday we cleaned the house, did laundry all that fun stuff. I sewed... a lot and my parents brought Pizza over for dinner and we played some cribbage. We tried parents vs the kids.... and the parents skunked us! Then we tried girls vs. boys and the girls won !

Sunday we went out to Buckeye to see Barb and Dave. Their little puppy Sally is getting so big and cuuuute! We brought our Toby with us since he really likes car rides. It was a nice day to end a nice long weekend.

Have a great week everyone!!

Amanda and Kenny 

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It looks like we have a request for the Kuhn update.  I feel as if it's my responsibility to carry this on until Amanda can free up some time.  She's been really busy with work, but is stuck taking some days off.  I know that the weekend was only a few days ago, but I just don't remember much of it.  I know that we continued watching the O.C.  We got use to cleaning, cooking, and folding cloths watching the O.C.  Yes... It's that good.  I don't remember what really happened on Friday, but I do remember a little of Saturday.  Scarlett and Amanda went to the girly store and got all prettied up.  They both had a pedicure and manicure.  As the girls were there, the boys took off to the man stores.  You know Lowe's and Bed Bath and Beyond.  Well at least Lowe's helps us seem macho.   Doug wanted to pick up a patio chair at Bed Bath and Beyond.  Then he got a portable cooler for their patio.  Their patio is now cooler then the house.  Apparently you can have a cooler, freezer, stereo, and a large fan on one plug.  I'm very impressed.  The girls ended up going to Jake and Betty's house for some pizza leaving the boys to play Cribbage.  Out of about 8 games I think I won once.  Sunday ended up being a normal Sunday for us.  Yes you guessed it, we watched some O.C.  But we actually did it with some company.  Blair came over and watched it with us.  She's the one that got us addicted.  After that I guess we cleaned a little house, made dinner, and that was it.  

I guess that's about it for now.  Amanda and I are leaving for Vegas tonight.  I have some work to do up there, and Amanda's going to keep me company.  Well be back in time to live the weekend at home, and to have more info for y'all next week.  I hope everybody has a great rest of the week!

Monday, March 12, 2007

THE Weekend

Good afternoon everybody.  Amanda's a little busy, so I'm going to try and do the "Kuhn Update".
Let's see... Lets go ahead and start on Friday.  Friday was a good day, but an expensive day.  Amanda was off on Friday as she is on every other Friday.  She hit the town.  She went to about 13 stores.  Surprisingly she didn't buy something at every store as usual.  She got the dogs some stuffed animals at the thrift store.  The dogs love stuffed animals with so many different smells.  On Friday night Amanda introduced me to the television show "The O.C."  It's quite addicting.  We rented the first season and pretty much watched it until about 4 a.m. Sunday morning.  We did take a small break on Saturday.

Saturday we (Scarlett, Amanda and I) went to some quilt store in down on 32st and Thunderbird.  There are about five stores between our house and that particular store, but I guess there just not good enough.  After the quilt store we went to some yard sales.  It's pretty amazing that people want so much money for their old crap.  Knowing Amanda she loaded the dogs up on more toys.  Now we have a garbage bag full of stuffed animals in the garage.  After the yard sales we went to Jody's house, Dave's sister, and picked up the beautiful quilt rack.  We didn't actually see Jody, but we were able to sit and talk with Oma and Opa (Dottie and Ray, Dave's parents).  Those are two people that will make your day better.  They're always in a good mood.  After visiting with them we ran to my Mom and Dave's and picked up the boat.  It's that time of year.  Nothing says summer as tubing behind an old fishing boat.  A couple of years ago Amanda was on the tube and hit a huge wave.  She flew, on the tube, about 6 feet in the air.  I think the boat may have left the water too.  The wave was coming from a house boat.  She road it the entire time.  My new goal is to get her about 10 feet in the air.  We ended Saturday with watching the O.C.  We ended staying up until 4 in the morning.  It's so addicting.

Sunday was nice.  It started around 11 with Doug and Scarlett knocking on the door.  Of course we just woke up.  We talked with them for awhile and then they left.  Amanda and I started working on the boat.  It had to be cleaned and running.  Amanda cleaned and I was suppose to get it running.  Having Amanda try and clean out a fishing boat was interesting.  She had to ask on every little thing before she could throw it away.  The little rubber worms were my favorite.  She had such a funny look on her face when she came to one of those.  She got the boat really cleaned, but I couldn't get it started.  I'm going to leave it to the professionals.  After getting sun burnt dealing with the boat we rode out bikes over to Doug and Scarlett's for some swimming.  It was fun.  We ended the day with BBQed hot dogs and a few games of cribbage.

I hope I did a satisfactory job.  I hope everybody enjoys their week. 

Monday, March 5, 2007

My Birthday

Hi Everyone!!

How was everyone's weekend? Great I hope! I am having a great Monday at work and getting spoiled rotten for my birthday with flowers, gifts and treats to eat. The girls are all taking me out for lunch at PF Changs right here by our office. Kenny is having a great time teasing me about my age... but he is older than me...

Anyway, last Thursday we went by and saw Michelle and Trevor's new place. We went to help them move, but Andy and Trevor had moved most of the big stuff so we just helped with the boxes and stuff for a while. It is a nice place with a beautiful grass area in front and right by the pool too. The apartment was just completely redone with new carpet, new counters, new floor coverings and fresh paint. I think my favorite was the huge pantry! Nanette and Kim were there to help as well and it was great to see everyone.

Saturday my friend Beverly took Kenny and I to the Coyotes game. It was a lot of fun and I have never been so close you can watch the game on the ice instead of on the big TVs! Before the game we met at Famous Daves BBQ and had a great dinner. Beverly's son works at the Arena. He helps out the howler with all sorts of things, including shooting the T-shirts into the stands, passing our freebies etc. Fun stuff!

Sunday, we had a little BBQ at our house with my parents, grandparents and my brother and his family. I really enjoyed having everyone over. Kenny grilled up the hamburgers and polish sausages and we had ice cream cake (from my mom and dad) for dessert- my favorite!! My brother is the king of gag gifts... from grandpa's pigeon beater to my money tree he has been very creative, but I think this years gift takes the cake.... and reminds us to be careful what you ask for. He gave me a baby doll.... that pees. It comes with diapers to change and a bottle and a bunch more stuff. He is such a riot! And always the life of the party.

We had a great week and weekend--- hope all is well with you!

Love, Amanda and Kenny

On 3/5/2007 10:01 AM, Kenny W. Kuhn wrote:
Just to add something.  Yesterday I was two years older than Amanda, and now I'm only one year older.  She's catching up to me at an accelerated rate.  I'm pretty sure she'll pass me next year.