Thursday, April 26, 2007

Birthday, Trip and NEW TRUCK

How has everyone been these past few weeks? How was everyone's Easter?Since Kenny's b-day landed on Easter this year we celebrated them together with a Ham and an oreo ice cream cake from DQ. We had our parents, my grandparents and my brother, Crystal and their boys over for the afternoon. 
My brother and Crystal gave Kenny and acre of land...... ON THE MOON!  Now we were looking for an acre of land to buy, but we were thinking a little closer 8-) . It was just such a cute gift!

The next day I left of Des Moines for some training in our home office. The trip had a rocky start since US Airways over sold my flight and I was bummed off! I ended up having to wait 11 hours for the next flight that evening. Luckily Kenny was able to come get me so I did have to wait all day at the Airport. We went to a movie, ate some lunch and went miniature golfing! My flight ended up being delayed again that night and I finally made it to Des Moines and to my hotel about 2AM.  The training went well and we had the evenings free to do what we wanted. I wondered around the skywalk and has dinner with some colleges from other branches. Their skywalk is the neatest thing! It connects the buildings and you can walk inside there for miles! It was nice to watch the snow from inside the glass tunnels. While I was gone that week Kenny did a lot of traveling within Arizona- Yuma, Tucson, Flagstaff, Prescott etc etc!
The weekend of 04/14 & 15 - My mom and I took up a new hobby - Cake decorating! Since Kenny was a professional cake decorator (when he was a manager for Frys) we elected him our teacher. I had no idea there was so much to it , but we are enjoying learning. Sunday we went out to Buckeye to help set up Barb and Dave's pool for the summer.
Last Friday (04/20) Kenny and I took Shelby (our black lab) out to the lake. It was a blast. She had never been around any body of water like that and was just so curious and wanted to investigate. We took her on a boat ride and he was all over the place checking out the waves and the water splashing. We got to an island and gave her time to play. Fetch with a stick was my favorite- she was just so eager to swim out and bring it back to us! I guess we found our boat dog!!! That night we took Barb and Dave out for Mexican food at Raul and Teresa's and headed over to their house to play cards.
Saturday morning my parents and Kenny went out to the desert to ride the dirt bike and the quads. There was a bit of an accident, but everyone is okay. My mom and dad flipped the quad going up a hill. The were a little banged up but are as tough as they come! That night we ate dinner with them and played more cards.
One last thing... Last Sunday we purchased  a new 2007 GMC Sierra

 We traded in our 2005 GMC Canyon. My favorite part of the new truck is that the seats fold up in the back to give the dogs lots of laying around room! I think Kenny's favorite part is he finally had the full size truck he wanted.
Anyway, that should get us caught up! We would love to hear from you all! Drop a line when you have time :)


Monday, April 2, 2007

Boat and Birthday

Good Morning,

How is everyone? Things have been really busy and don't show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Friday was my half day so I met up with my friend, Blair, for lunch at Olive Garden. We headed back to the house and watched Cinderella man. When Kenny got home we ordered some pizzas and watch Babel (bizarre movie).

Saturday we took the boat out on the lake for the first time this year. It is running a lot better since we got it back from the Marine shop. I am not sure the technical terms, but it basically it wouldn't start and they fixed it.... Anyway, my mom hadn't been to the lake in years and had a really great boat ride. We took Toby out for the first time too... he was terrified! He is definitely not a boat dog.

Sunday, we went to my parent’s house for stakes to celebrate Kenny's B-day (early, but since it falls on Easter this year they wanted him to have a special dinner).

It was a great weekend, but went tooooo fast! This week we have birthdays, a baby shower and Easter and next week I am off to Des Moines (our Home office) for four days.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Amanda and Kenny