Saturday, January 31, 2009


Hi Everyone!

Several of you have mentioned that you had trouble or didn't know how to leave comments. Well, I didn't either until my friend from work gave me some directions.... I changed a setting so all you need to do is -

* click comments
* write you comment in the box on the right that says leave your comment
* if you do not have a blog sign on just click the Anonymous radio button (this was not there before)
* click the publish your comment button

and walla! You have just made a comment.

Let me know if you have questions!


Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday night from the pink room (AKA craft room)

This year I joined the album club at Scrapbooks Etc. Basically the goal is to complete 50 scrapbook pages in 2009. Each time I visit the store I bring in my pages and have the cashier signs off that I completed them. The pages can be from any time, but completed in 2009. In June and December they throw a party and you get all kinds of scrapbooking goodies. I thought I would share my first couple pages just for fun. One is from our wedding (2003) and the other is Halloween (2008). I would like to get our wedding scrapbook completed this year AND I am trying some thing new... digital scrapbooking. I am doing our 2009 album at It is a challenge, but a lot of fun.

Quilters Dream Come True!

It's like Christmas... maybe even better. My friend from work did some reorganizing and gave me a huge bag of fabric... just because! Everything from Valentines to summer fabrics-- ooh the possibilities are endless! I already have in mind a table runner and a tote bag that I want to make. She also gave me a bunch of patterns to borrow and a second bag filled with charms...That is quilters lingo for a 5 inch square of fabric. Whaoooo now to make time for the sewing room!!

TGIF everyone!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Like Father Like Son

So I look out the window and I see Kenny checking the stakes for dinner and laughed out load! I couldn't help but think of this old picture of Ron, Kenny's dad! Okay so Ron's BBQ is on the ground, but the posture is the same... Like Father like Son!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Fun!!

So after practically growing roots the last few days on the couch, we actually went out and had some fun! I have been sick off and on for practically a month and took Thursday and Friday this week as sick days... head cold to chest cold.... I dunno. Kenny tells me I need to go to the doctor, but I guess I am just like my dad and won't go until I have no choice. Since I am better I guess I don't have to go- wahoo!

Anyway, last night we went out to eat with Kenny's mom and Grandma at the Spaghetti Factory down town. The food was great, but was really neat was the atmosphere! There was an old trolley looking thing in the middle of the restaurant and you could actually eat in there! The bar had old Barber stools and there were old fashion phone booths too. The meal included your choice of entree, bread, salad, drink and ice cream! Kenny, Barb and I chose the sherbet and Sarah had their signature Spumoni for dessert. After dinner I was pretty much spent (hate being sick) so we rented a movie and watched that at home. Great night!

Today my mom and I had a class at Scrapbooks etc (our favorite store!) It was called the scrapin sampler and they hold it once a quarter for $2.50!! We made 3 quick

projects- a scrapbook page, a little Valentine candy bag and the tri-fold valentine. The teachers were awesome and we felt very inspired to get scrapin' after that. We signed up for another class in February called Easy Peasy where you make 6 scrapbook pages in just 2 hours! Fun Fun!

Tonight Kenny and I are going with my Bro and his family to the monster Jam. My parents were going to go, but my dad is sick now... for him to be laying down is really a big thing, because he is always going. So we wish him a speedy recovery and will post some pictures of the monster Jam soon....

Take Care Everyone-- also many of you have asked me about posting comments... sorry I am barely computer savvy enough to write this blog and I am not sure about leaving comments so keep the e-mails coming we love it!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Ah the Weekend

01/16- First Happy B-day Susie Kuhn!!

Friday night after work my mom picked up my brother and his boys to spend the weekend out with us. Mom and I went out to Buckeye for Bunko night with Kenny's mom and the boys stayed at Mom and Dad's and ordered Pizza and watched a movie. This was mom's first time playing Bunko and she had a blast! She ended up winning her $5 back for 2nd place (most wins). When she got her first Bunko she yelled Yahtzee!! (Bunko is 3 of a kind) so I go to correct her and say "No mom its Bunkie!" LOL So finally a 3rd person at the table corrected us both and said no its Bunko!! It was a fun night!

01/17- Happy 74th B-day Grandma!!
Saturday morning we (my, Kenny, my parents, my bro and his boys) headed out to Bloody Basin Road to take my parents quads out for a spin.

Jacob road with my brother and Bunkie when we first got there, but after that he wasn't interested at all. Bunkie on the other hand loved it as long as we didn't go too fast or on too many bumps. My brother is absolutely fearless and had great fun on the jumps and playing in the mud!

My dad had to have the prize for the highest jumps although I didn't get a good picture of him. My and mom just like to puts around and hand with the boys. After we got unloaded and my dads muddy quad was taken to the car wash we showered and took naps! After dinner we went up to "The hole" for Kenny's double header. They won both games and Kenny hit the tie run in and then ran in the winning run ! Woot Woo! We ended the night with Frosties from Wendy's and watched the movie Waiting.... makes you never want to eat out again...

01/18- Sunday morning Kenny made us all pancakes. At 10:30 the day of sports began with the Phoenix Suns game. Luckily we took lots of breaks playing with the kids outside and throwing the ball for the dogs. Jacob was SO cute and pretended that he was a dog. He crawled around on all 4's and barked and panted. It was pretty funny. My parents came over later to watch Cardinals game. We had football food-- nachos, sloppy joes, chips and salsa etc. I bet my Dad $5 against the cardinals... so I will probably never live that down! I am not worried I can probably get it back at the super bowl- ha ha !! I should be more of a supporter since this is such a big deal for our state. In fact even our softball game was canceled for Cardinals!! We ended the evening playing UNO flash. Little Brian thought it was great fun and SO COOL when the slap card was played. He would just squeal with delight and tell the loser to draw cards. If you haven't played UNO flash it is basically UNO with a few twists and has an electronic board that lights up and makes noise.

Jake Turns Two 01/11/09

Sunday was another really busy day. In the morning Kenny drove out to Buckeye to help his grandma out with her honey-do list while I cleaned the house and got things read for Jakes Party. The cake I baked came out really lopsided... but never fear I had an X-professional baker in the house!! Kenny fixed up that cake and made it SO cute!! The writing didn't look that good, but that was because the of the icing not Kenny's mad skills! We had a ton of fun at Jake's 2nd b-day party. My dad grilled up burgers and hot dogs. We rode bikes and played outside with the boys. My brother found a can of silly string and got Jake with it-- man was he mad!! When he saw Brian get little Brian with the string later Jake thought it was the funniest thing he ever saw-- funny how that is huh? After the party we had Kenny's mom and grandma over for dinner. Sarah (his grandma) had invited us over, but since we had Jake's party and softball we wouldn't have had time to drive out to Buckeye so she drove to us and brought the food! It was really nice of her to go to so much trouble just to have dinner with little ol' us. After dinner we went to the softball game and they came to watch. I think they were our best cheerleaders ever! Also Happy Birthday to Kim!!

Saturday 01/10/09

Saturday morning my mom and I drove out to Scrapbooks etc in Mesa for their 10th anniversary sale. They gave out gifts to the first 300 customers and we got their bright and early to insure that would be us. We each got a fun metal alphabet as our gift. We ate lunch at Panda Express and headed home. While we were out shopping Kenny went to the batting cage at Victory Lane. Our friends Mike and Renee were up there and Mike was playing in a tournament. Kenny stayed and watched a few games and had lunch with them. That night Kenny had his first game on his new mens team (with Mike). It was kinda fun being able to sit back and watch the game rather than being on the field. It was really cold that night so Renee and I froze together and cheered the men along. They ended up loosing the game, but Kenny played really well and got a good hit... maybe next week will be better!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Double Date Night! 01/09/09

Last night we went on a double date with a couple from church. We tried this new restaurant called Kokopelli Winery and Bistro in Surprise. The food was really good... although a little expensive. Kenny tried the Merlot Braised Pot Roast and I tried the Chicken Marsala--yum! After dinner we headed over to the movie theater in Surprise called the UltraStar Cinemas. It was our first time there- pretty nice place. It was obviously girls choice since we saw Bride Wars, but don't let the guys fool you I think they enjoyed the movie. It is definitely a chick flick though... I guess we will have to let them choose next time.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our 6th wedding Anniversary!

Sunday 01/04/09 Kenny and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! I can hardly believe it has been so long already! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband and best friend. I am posting some pictures from our wedding
album...BTW none of our wedding pictures are digital so I scanned them in from our scrapbook... not the best quality, but a fun blast from the past--don't we look like babies!!

Date Night

The Melting Pot-- What an experience!! They made all the food right at our table since there is a burner at each table. The first of the four courses meal was a cheese fondue. They made it with Bud Light, thats right the beer. Then a little garlic a few seasonings, followed by the aged cheddar cheese with a little swiss- ooh la la . We had 3 types of bread, veggies and apples for dipping. Next was our Cobb Salads- now most of you know Kenny hates anything green and rarely eats veggies, but he ate his whole Salad it was SO good. It had lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese, eggs and their yummy ranch dressing. The 3rd course was the main course. We chose -Court Bouillon homemade, seasoned vegetable broth for our "cooking style" and the signature selection for our dipping... which included potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, filet mignon, sirloin, chicken, white shrimp and salmon. The meats come to the table raw and yes you cook your own food- but it is so much fun!! They have lots of sauces to try, but everything tasted so good without it. I was surprised and happy to see how much Kenny enjoyed the meal. He doesn't always like to try new things,but he tried everything and really liked most of it. The final course was our dessert. We choose the flaming turtle which included milk chocolate, caramel and nuts and is flambeed at the table! Really neat to see. To dip they bring you a tray of goodies including brownies, cheesecake, pound cake, bananas, strawberries and marshmallows and it is refillable at no charge- of course you just might go into a coma if you ate all that. Oh, and I almost forgot! I tried a caramel appletini- at a friends recommendation-- it was amazing!! Everything was so delicious and it was just a plain fun experience.

Happy 2009!!

New Years Eve wasn't that exciting because I was too sick to go out. Kenny being as awesome as he is rented some movies for us and we just watched a movie and just relaxed. On New Year's Day Kenny headed out to Buckeye to have black eyed peas for good luck in 2009. I didn't want to share my cold with Sarah and Barb so I stayed home-- don't worry Kenny brought me Black Eye Peas so I will still be lucky!! Happy 2009 Everyone!!

The Weekend 01/02/09 and 01/03/09

Friday night we saw Bobby Collins at the Tempe Improv. We headed over to that side of town early so I could shop at my favorite Scrapbook store (and pretty much the only left). We also stopped at Chompies and got a bunch of bagels- yum! We ate dinner at this little restaurant called the Chuck Box that one of our friends took us to awhile back. It is very rustic and they server burgers and frys-- Bobby Collins and his warm up guy were so funny and we just enjoyed laughing and having a good time.
Saturday Morning we met up with our friends Mike and Renee for breakfast (Denny's yum) and then went to the Fiesta bowl Parade. We ended up getting a really great spot on the route and enjoyed watching all the floats and marching bands. The picture is of the winning float and the ponies which were my favorite!!

Another Busy Saturday

Saturday morning Kenny and I met up with some friends to play softball. Boy was it cold and the field was icy ! I know some of you living in snow country are thinking how crazy it is that we are even playing ball in December! We had a really good time and met a bunch of nice people.

Afterwards our friends Mike and Renee' took us out lunch for Christmas. They took us to this tiny little restaurant called Lupitas- actually a few blocks from our house. It was very much a hole in the wall- kind of diamond in the ruff-- amazing Mexican food.

That night Sarah invited us out to the Zoo Lights. We met up with Barb, Tammy, Michelle, Trevor, Zack, Kim, Andy and Nanette and walked around ooowing and awwing at all the lights. It was a cold night so we had some yummy hot chocolate to warm us up. Kim wanted to take Zack on the camel ride (yes an actual Camel) , but they said he was too little- it would have been so cute though. I guess we will save it for next year. My favorite was the light shows to music- so beautiful!!

Mom's B-day and Another Christmas

Friday the 26th. My mom and I went shopping all morning to get all the after Christmas Deals. We loaded up on paper, tags and ribbon for next year. We had a great time hanging out, but little did she know it was a decoy to get her to my brothers house for her very first surprise b-day party. Kenny picked up my grandparents and took them out to my brother's house and hide the truck on the next street over... so she had no idea. We were supposedly there to drop off some sippy cups, and when she opened the door she got a big surprise. Kenny and my brother had decoreted the boys too which was adorable. We had cake and opened presents. I know my mom really enjoyed it and I will take any excuse to get everyone together. My dad was working there so he couldn't come which stunk, but we still had a good time.

Later we went out to Buckeye to have our Christmas celebration with Barb and Sarah. After another fabulous meal we opened gifts and then had some dessert. Since this was the first year without Dave and Quint it was really hard on them, but we really had a nice time despite all that.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas morning I woke up bright and early as I do every year... but this year I didn't wake everyone up until 8AM. First thing we just had to see what Santa put in our stockings and come to find out this was the first year Barb has ever had a stocking. We made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and played a little Uno Flash- which Kenny got me : )
Later we headed over to my parents house for Christmas lunch/dinner. We did our presents and ate a fabulous meal. The Suns were on so the guys we just happy as can be and mom and I sat around and talked. It was such a fun afternoon. My parents and grandparents got us these amazing pans from the place my mom and I go for cooking class. They are called Swiss Diamond and actually have crushed diamonds in the pan lining! They are awesome and have a lifetime warranty to back up their awesomeness.
Later we went to Kenny's Aunt's house to visit with all of them. I got some great pictures of our little God Son Zack. He just loved this little bouncer that Kim and Andy bought for him.