Friday, May 11, 2007

Busy Busy

Hi Everyone--

Wow May already huh? I know I say that every month but this year is just whizzing by! Unbelievable. Well, as usual we have been keeping ourselves busy- busy-

Friday (04/27/07) Kenny and I decided to drive out to Mesa. There is a great scrapbook store out there which I wanted to go to and Kenny wanted to drive the new truck (boys and there toys). Actually, we needed to get 500 miles on the engine before we can tow the boat so we thought we would make an evening of it. We ended up eating at Cici's pizza a new all you can eat buffet place. I think the location we went to was the only on in Arizona (?), but there are some in other states- if you have the opportunity to go to one you should!  It is decent Italian food for $4.99 and all you can eat!  It was a really great evening and I am so lucky to have a husband who will wait 45 minutes for me to browse through yet another craft store.

The next morning we picked up Crystal for our "girls day out" to Celebrate her birthday. My mom funded a mini shopping spree for Crystal and we had a great time picking things out. Afterwards we all went and had pedicures done. It was Crystals first pedicure ever (my second) and I think she really enjoyed it. My mom treated us to lunch and we enjoyed spending time doing girly things- can't wait to do it again!!

Sunday Kenny and I took our friend Blair to the D-backs game. Our company has season tickets so we occasionally get to go. They put our names in a pot and draw out the winners... the funny thing is Kenny and I both won the same week! We ended up letting someone else have the Thursday game to be fair- but how lucky was that!?

Tuesday (05/1/07) I got to spend some time with an old friend, Catherine. We had dinner with her family and chatted. I am always amazed at their family dynamics- always something going on with a large family. Definitely a change from our two person dinner at home.

Wednesday, after work, we headed to Vegas. Kenny had several appointments up there and I just tagged along for fun. We ended up seeing a few movies, getting some shopping done (baby shower and mothers day) and just relaxing while we were there. No great winning stories this time, but hey you can't win em all. We left Friday morning so Kenny could get to his appointment in Kingman and got home early Friday evening.

Saturday I got to see another old friend, Janesse. My mom and I went to her baby shower on Saturday morning. Her sisters planned the shower and came up with some really great games- never a dull moment! After the shower we headed over to my brothers house to pick up Jacob and Little Brian. My mom took Little Brian and Kenny and I took Jacob over night. Kenny did such a great job with Jacob and we had so much fun with him! He is almost 4 month now and really starting to coo and "talk". He is such a sweet baby.

Sunday we took the boys home and didn't do much else the rest of the day. Sunday night I woke up in the middle of the night with the flu! Then Monday night Kenny woke up with it too. We both went back to work on Wednesday.

Wednesday afternoon Kenny took Dave and Ray to the D-backs game. They had a good time even though the D-back lost.

Now it is Friday and I am so ready for the weekend again! I hope everyone has a good one. We enjoy hearing back from you guys!