Monday, October 22, 2007


We were lucky enough to get a chance to attend Game 2- Diamond Backs vs. Colorado Rockies on 10/12 with our friends Beverly and Lloyd--- although they lost it was a great game! It is so much fun when the fans are pumped up and we can scream and cheer on our D-backs. At the gate they gave out white towels to waive in the stands- it was pretty cool seeing all the white in the stands and the cheering fans! The row in front of us won a contest and since they were on the "big screen" and I got on too and was delighted- Kenny thought it was funny how excited I got to be on "TV".  Before the game we went with Bev and Lloyd to Bill Johnson's Big Apple for dinner- yum!
Last Sunday my brother and his boys came out to visit with my parents and us. My dad got out his remote control cars and Little Brian loved them! Even Jacob did! He was doing everything he could to get out of my arms-- he wanted to crawl on the street to watch the cars! It was a great afternoon and we always enjoy spending time with them.

This past week Kenny and I celebrated our 8th "dating" anniversary at the AZ State Fair. One of our first dates was at the fair and of course that was where Kenny proposed so we like to go back and celebrate there. We ate some good ol' fair food- Indian Fry bread. We thought about trying out a deep fried snickers or a frozen Dr. Pepper- but just couldn't do it :-)  We walked through and looked at all the vendors, road the Farris Wheel and walked through the petting zoo.It was a great night and a fun way to celebrate our relationship.

This past weekend we went on our trip up to Kingman for March of Dime Walk America! Thanks to all of you Kenny and I exceed our goals of $150 each and raised $365 for babies!! Kenny picked up the trailer on Thursday and we headed out on Friday afternoon. We stayed at a great RV park up there and the weather was beautiful on Friday night. Kenny BBQed some chicken and we watched a movie (yes the RV Park had cable-- we really ruff it huh?). Saturday morning was chilly, but we were pumped up for the 7.5 mile walk. We did pretty good considering 1/2 the walk was up hill and against the wind! The last stretch of the walk was downhill and the wind was pushing up-- that was awesome. We completed the walk in just over 2 hours and we were soar -later : ) After the walk we drove into Laughlin. Kenny tried his luck at a black jack table and was going great until the switched the deal and she took all his winnings and $9. He decided to quit and we went to see Heartbreak Kid at Riverside. Afterwards we fed our extra popcorn to the ducks and headed back to camp. Saturday night Kenny grilled up some steak and potatoes- delicious. Saturday night we froze! It got down to 49 degrees inside the trailer! We came home Sunday morning, took the trailer back and went to Softball.

We are nearing the end of the softball season, but will continue with our team starting up again in January. Our "tournament" is this next Sunday. We are in 7th place (out of 8 teams), but our team has really improved and we just enjoy being out there fellowshipping and getting some exercise.