Thursday, November 29, 2007

I haven't written in a while so I thought I would write to say hi. We have pretty much up to the same ol things just a different month and better weather! Our softball season ended and our team ranked 7/8. Our team had a pizza party to celebrate the season and our coaches handed out gag awards-- Kenny got TP that was "new and improved" like him and I got an oven mitt for "best baker" since I brought treats to lots of the games. We both really enjoyed the season and are looking forward to starting up again in January. We are actually starting up a second team with our co-workers and we will be playing on Tuesday nights too. I will be coaching the new team... scary thought but it should be a lot of fun too. 

Kenny and I have been keeping busy with some home projects. We painted the dining room, put up some shelving in the garage and finally hung some pictures in the living room. Kenny has taken up a new hobby of woodworking and so far has built a great work bench, the shelves for the garage and had plans to make some bread boxes.

Earlier this month we went to Vegas for a two day trip. There was a Quilt Shop Hop that I wanted to go to so Kenny made a bunch of appointments for work so we could go. There were 6 shops and each shop I got some free quilting thing (ie a ruler, travel scissors, fabric etc). It was so much fun.

We did a little something different this year for Thanksgiving. Since Barb has to work the afternoon/evenings Kenny didn't want to miss out a Thanksgiving with her so we had a Thanksgiving breakfast. Kenny made us biscuits and gravy with sausage and Bacon and Eggs. We played some Pictionary and just enjoyed our time together. Later we headed out to my brothers house for a more traditional Thanksgiving feast. Crystal and Brian did such a great job and everything was just delicious.