Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ostrich Farm

Ever since Kenny, Jereme, Melodi and I went to the Ostrich Farm last February I have wanted to take the boys there. Since we were relatively close today we made it fit into our schedule. The boys just loved it! 

Jacob feeding a Donkey

Little Brian feeding the donkeys

Brian and Kenny thought it would be funny to put the feed in Little Brian's hood. He squealed when they ate out of the hood!

Jacob and the deer 
Jacob got some in his hood too!

This is was a new addition since we had been there the last time. You put feed in a cup and reel it up to the top where the goats are!

The hole in the wall goats loved my brother... or his food at least!

Jacob was super brave and fed the Ostrich from the palm of his hand. Brian, Kenny and I did it too ; )

The boys were so excited to ride the Monster Truck (and we were super excited too) 

Jacob, Little Brian and Brian 

Checking out the frozen snake : ) 

NOW Its time the ride to get started!! The boys liked it!

We all loved the Ostrich fishing too!

Kenny, Me and Jacob, Little Brian and Brian 

Kenny in the monster truck wheel 

After the monster truck ride we went back in to use the rest of our feed. Jacob was so cute feeding the ducks!!

Then it was time for the Lorikeets (my favorite!) 

The Ostrich Farm was a total hit! I was so proud of the boys for trying everything!! 

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