Sunday, July 29, 2012

Zack turns 4

Zack's 4th birthday is coming up this next Tuesday so Michelle and Trevor hosted a party at Piter Piper Pizza today. Michelle told me Zack really rockets and currently wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. I saw this cool idea online for a rocket pack and thought it would be awesome for him. We don't drink 2liter bottles of soda so I just bought them and brought it to work for everyone to drink. I used some left over canvas for the straps and sewed them onto a piece of cardboard to make a base for the 'rockets'. I then used a hot glue gun to glue the 'flames' cut from felt into the opening of the silver spray painted 2liters. I am a little worried about the quality of construction and am curious if it holds up to 4 year old, Zack's, highly active and rough life style! I used Little Brian as my model and he was more than accommodating (might have to make them some jet packs too!). We also got him a Rocket Car project (its ages 8+ so mom and dad will have to help him) and a Spiderman Shirt. Once the boys heard it was going to be Zack's birthday it was all they could talk about. He is going to be 4? They would ask me. It was pretty cute. 

Birthday boy, Zack, on the Carousel



Little Brian enjoyed the carousel too 

Zack was actually really good at the basketball game!! Do I see a future athlete in this picture?? 

Zack playing basketball

The twins just loved riding this little dragon! Matt just giggled and smiled! It was really adorable !


Emma and Matt 

Emma on the slide 

Emma with her face pressed against the window lol 


Zack opening presents 
I swear I have never met a kid who likes clothes more than Zack! He just LOVES them! He would say tah-dah after he opened each present! 

Zack with his jet/rocket pack on

His FAVORITE toy of the day!! A guitar from his mom and dad! After he opened it he just wanted to play with it. He opened another present and said, "OH its my favorite game! Now can I play with the guitar?" LOL

Zack is SO good about saying thank you and giving out hugs : )
Brittany and Chris 

Joanna and Andy (A rare sighting! lol) 

Zack asked if it was time for cake when he was done opening presents. So cute.

Blowing out the candles!

 Cutting the cake:

Emma and Mia

Nanette and Emma (Emma was telling her grandma all about her day) 

Emma being silly (and ADORABLE) 
This was after 'someone' not mentioning any names here... fed Emma and Matt ALL the extra frosting... poor Michelle and Trevor!
Joanna, Emma and Andy 

It was a really fun time and nice to visit with everyone! On the way home we saw the haboob headed to Surprise!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Saturday morning the boys and I hung out so Brian and Kenny could go see the new Batman movie. 

We played wii, wrote letters to their mom and did some painting. I love how serious Jacob is (see his tongue out)  

Groovy Flowers and Sharks ! 

When the guys got back from the movie, Kenny made us all gourmet hamburgers and there was a lot of wrestling going on in the front room. We celebrated Hope's bday too. I really enjoyed the day with the Taylor boys and I know they did too because my mom told me it was all they could talk about when they got home (how much fun they had at Aunt Amanda's house). Love those 3 guys (and my awesome guy too of course)

Hope is 10!

What do you get for your puppy's 10th birthday who can't have toys or bones.... 

How about a balloon for each dog year?? 

Hopie LOVES to pop balloons! 

We used the air compressor to fill the balloons and tried to contain the balloons in one area.... 

The boys had a lot of fun with this project! They were running around laughing and squealing. 

This picture is kind of funny... you can see the pink balloon near the blinds that Hope has her eye on.... see the look on Jacob's face is so cute... Hope is pretty relentless when it comes to getting her balloons.


We don't actually know when Hope's birthday is because she was a stray we adopted at the pound. Her bday is probably June or July of 2002. 

Friday, July 27, 2012

Hair Cut

I haven't had a hair cut since October and was desperate for a trim!! On a whim I also decided to get some bangs! I loved the hairdresser I got. Stephanie and I were laughing through most of my cut... I will be back! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Garden AKA Jungle Update (week 19? )

So this is what my garden currently looks like : 

These are the sweet potatoes... well this is their section but both vines are invading their space....

These are my Mexican Shellflowers I ordered online:

The Sunflowers are still sticking around

Here is one of the 4 watermelon I have growing:
 Two more:
 One more hiding under there:

One of the Four Watermelons were damaged so I chopped it open just to see what was going on inside there:

The Cantaloupe vines are growing out of control, but they are beautiful and I love all the green so I just let them go.. I think the birds are responsible for my lack of cantaloupe... I think they are stealing the buds... the took every last one of the buds off the lemon tree too... I might need to make a scare crow : )