Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On 1/23/2008 4:10 PM, Amanda L. Kuhn wrote:
Hi Everyone!!

We have had a busy two weeks (nothing new there huh?). Last weekend Kenny and I did the PF Changs Rock n Roll 1/2 Marathon! It was our first but probably not our last 1/2 marathon-- it was physically challenging, but we did it!! Our finish time was 3 hours and 45 mins. Since we didn't train at all I am just thankful we finished!! We are thinking of doing another 1/2 Marathon in April of 2009- in Nashville- It is a country music marathon which is right up our alley. Kenny has already started training, because he wants to run not walk the next one!!

Last weekend we started our church softball league up again. We ended up loosing both games, and found that Friday nights are a little bit more competitive than Sunday nights. It was pretty cold out there, but nice to get some exercise and have some fun. We went out to eat after the 8PM game with some people from the team and that was pretty good. Saturday morning we got to spend some time with our adorable nephews Jacob and Brian Jr. My brother was working on a job near our house so he thought we might like to have em for a few hours. It worked out wonderfully. We went to the play ground near my parents house and my dad and Kenny road little Brian around in my mom's bike (she has a huge basket in the back and he just LOVES to ride in it). Jacob is cooing and "talking" away- it is adorable to get a big smile our of that little guy. Later that afternoon we went to Amberle Brewer's bridal shower. Those are always fun and it was nice to see old friends. Saturday night Kenny and I went out to eat at Johnny Rockets and saw I am Legend. We enjoyed the evening for sure. Sunday I took a quilting class from 12-5 with my friend from work. We learned how to make a "pleated log cabin" quilt block. It is pretty neat and I ended up making a table runner for our sofa table. Poor Kenny had to stay at home and watch movies and relax all day... he he he.

Well, that is about all we have been up to. We are looking forward to driving up north to do some sledding (something I have never done) in the next couple weeks and we are planning a trip to San Fransisco in March. Anyway, hope all is well with you and yours!!

Amanda and Kenny 

Monday, January 7, 2008

On 1/7/2008 2:01 PM, Kenny W. Kuhn wrote:
Here's the edited version.

On 1/7/2008 1:41 PM, Amanda L. Kuhn wrote:
Our weekend--
San Diego was a blast. On the way there Mom and I convinced the guys to go to a few quilt shops in Yuma and we just happened upon a craft show on Main Street! We spent about an hour there and grabbed some lunch before heading on to San Diego. Friday night we ate at a really fun restaurant called Corvettes which was a 50’s style diner. The food was great and the atmosphere was amazing! The waitresses all had these really neat hair styles bee hives and all! Afterwards we headed over to San Diego University for the main event- A night of Hope with Joel and Victoria Osteen ( ! Although the traffic and our seats were horrible- seeing Joel was SO worth it! I was really happy to have both my parents there and happy to see Kenny stand and recommit his life to Christ. It was an amazing time and one that I will never forget. That night my mom and dad would not stop snoring.  It was like sleeping by the train tracks.  One would stop to breath, and the other would start up.  Kenny slept in the middle of the interstate hoping for some quite time.
The next morning we ate a big breakfast and Denny’s and bummed around San Diego. We ended up venturing to into one of the biggest quilt shops my mom and I have ever seen! It was amazing and double the size of any shop I have ever been in. Next we headed over to the beach- it was rainy and overcast the whole trip, but we couldn’t be that close to the beach and not go. It was nice to smell the fresh salty air. Dad and I collected some sea shells to take home and mom and Kenny watched us from the sidewalk (chickens didn’t want to get their shoes wet and sandy). We did some shopping that afternoon. Saturday night we had a great meal at Red Lobster! Since we were near the ocean we felt compelled to eat some sea food! – except Kenny he had stake since he doesn’t like seafood. On Saturday night the snoring horn group was at it again.  This time Kenny had ear plugs and a pillow around his head to keep out the noise.  They had to rezone the hotel due to the two of them.  We headed home Sunday morning and made good time- our dogs and my parents dogs sure were glad we were home!  Sunday night Kenny and I finally got some good sleep.  It's amazing how much sleep you can get without a diesel truck in your room. 
Anyway, hope everyone had a fabulous weekend-
Love, Amanda and Kenny 

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

On 1/2/2008 2:31 PM, Amanda L. Kuhn wrote:
Hi Everyone!!

How was everyone's Christmas and New Year? Have you made all your new years resolutions of how to be GREAT in 2008?! I am really excited for the new year, a fresh start, new clubs to join and projects to start.

We have been so busy with the holidays I haven't been keeping track of our "Kuhn Update" so I will do my best to remember all the highlights of our holidays. Last month I took a few sewing classes, one with my mom which was a lot of fun and another in Wickenburg (which is about 45mins from us) both of those were lots of fun. I am enjoying learning new techniques and strengthening old ones. It is always fun to take classes and meet new people.

We have been spending lots of time with my brother and his family this past month. On December 4th my brother celebrated his 28th birthday!! We took over some pizza and played games with my brother and the boys. It was a blast and I hope to make it more of a weekly thing than a yearly thing! Also, we all went to zoo light and of course spent Christmas together.

Kenny took a trip to Vegas the week before Christmas to get a bunch of audits done, before the end of the year. He had a good trip, but I think he was pretty glad to be home-- although the dogs missed him they didn't complain too much about sleeping on his side of the bed while he was gone!!

The Monday before Christmas we had a nice meal with Barb, Dave, Sarah and Quint and exchanged our gifts. We had our annual luncheon here at work and got off early the Friday before Christmas (we also got Christmas Eve and Day off- spoiled I know). On Christmas Eve we enjoyed a nice lunch at Texas Road House with Barb, Dave, Sarah and Quint.  Afterwards we headed over to my Grandma's house to meet up with my parents, my brother and Crystal, Chrissy and the boys. We ate sandwiches and snacked on veggies (yeah Kenny skipped out on the veggies....) Christmas is so much fun with little kids. Brian and Crystal are always so great about letting Kenny and I hog Jacob- and we got to help him open his gifts. I think his favorite thing was the (shiny) gold ornament that grandma got for him. He is such a doll. We pulled out some old home movies and had fun watching videos of "Christmas past"

Christmas Day my parents came over in the morning and we did the whole gift thing and hung out for a while. Shortly after we headed to Nanette's to say hi to everyone there. Kenny wrapped Andy's present "special" for him-- using a whole roll of packing tape... Andy was a great sport and everyone got a kick out of him opening the gift. After that we headed over to Barb and Dave's house to spend some time with them.

New Year's Eve Kenny, mom and I went to a show called Living Illusions at our church. It was pretty awesome and a fun thing to do for the holiday. We did stay up to watch the ball drop... although I did have to nudge Kenny awake for my new year’s kiss! We had a nice day off and got to go over to Barb and Dave's and have ham and black eyed peas with Sarah and Quint too.

Well, that is pretty much it for us-- Friday we are taking off to see Joel Osteen in San Diego with my parents. Also, this Friday we will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary!

We hope to hear from everyone and see how your holidays went and keep in better touch in 2008!

Amanda and Kenny