Monday, May 31, 2010

Lazy Weekend

We were SO lazy this weekend. Saturday we had a TV day and just tinkered around the house. We watched the Suns game Saturday night-- so sad they are done for the season.

Sunday we went shoe shopping and ate lunch with my parents at Red Robin. We haven't spent much time with them lately so it was nice to catch up.

Monday we went to Wet n Wild with some friends. We got a great deal on season passes and just loved the park! That evening we had a nice BBQ at my parents house.

It was a nice relaxing 3 day weekend!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


We were almost parents of 4 pups... on our way out of town we stopped at Petland in Henderson, NV to pick up some treats for the dogs. Just one look and I fell in love with this miniature dachshund! She was just adorable and I had big ideas about breeding her and Toby!
I already had a name picked out... Reese because of her adorable brown markings.
She was on sale for just $800! haha what a deal, huh? Unfortunately, we had to leave her in Nevada, cause Kenny said NO!

Mini reunion

Once or twice a year we meet up with the rest of the Kuhns in Vegas. Its something Kenny really looks forward to since we don't get back to Illinois as much since his dad passed away. We are fortunate that Kenny can work while we are there, cutting down the expenses for us.

We met up with everyone on Wednesday afternoon for a show.... THE PRICE IS RIGHT! I don't really watch the show much now, but loved watching it as a kid. To top it off the host of the show here in Vegas used to host a show called Super Market Sweep which my brother and I used to watch religiously in the summers! We even would play it! We would put toys all over the house like a super market and drag a crate around as our shopping basket. It was funny.
None of us got called to play, but it was still really fun... someday I will get called!

We enjoyed a few meals at the fabulous Las Vegas Buffets and spent a little time gambling.
Here is Kenny at the giant slot machine

For the most part we just hung out and relaxed. I did some shopping and had to hit my favorite store in LV-- the M&M factory. It is just a neat place!
This time we also checked out the Lion Enclosure at the MGM - for free

I loved how the lion played ball!
That is Kenny's hand touching the lion's paw... through the glass bridge (the Lions can't see or hear the people or casino noise)
Kenny eating ice cream for breakfast at one of the buffets! He looks a little guilty huh!?
Kathy and Jerry Sr
All of us- Brett, Jerry Jr, Kenny, Me, Kathy and Jerry Sr.

Oh! I almost forgot Kenny and I got 2 free tube rentals so we went to the lazy river at the MGM... totally awesome. It was cold and windy, but we didn't care. The "river" has waterfalls and all sorts of fun things. Really a fun place to go!

It was a great trip, but went too fast as always.

Friday, May 28, 2010

8 mile walk

While Kenny was working on Wednesday Morning I decided I was going to walk Las Vegas Boulevard aka "The Strip". I walked from MGM, our hotel, to the Stratosphere which is about 8 miles round trip. It took me 2 hours one way and an hour back and I did lots of picture taking and shopping along the way.
Lion at the MGM
New York, New York
I just love this food court and shopping area! It is so animated!
Hard Rock Cafe

Harley Cafe
PH- Planet Hollywood. I guess this used to be Aladdin
street performers
the front of PH- those 3 D bubbles were pretty cool
More Paris
another street performer
Caesars Palace
I can't remember what this one was called, but I liked it.

gotta have McDonald's on the strip (there are actually several)
Treasure Island (one of my favorites!)
The Wynn

a pretty waterfall in front of the Wynn
Fashion Show Mall... Okay so the building is modern, but looks totally ridiculous!

Labor Disbute on the strip
Rivera - I love the stars!
Circus Circus
I was thinking how much my legs were hurting then I saw this guy in front of me... suddenly I didn't mind the soreness...

the Stratosphere
A lovely chapel to get married at (lol)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What I love about Sunday

Sleepin in
being lazy
visiting family (a surprise visit from the Ross family this week)
catching up on our shows (on DVR)
playing with the dogs
cleaning (ok I don't like the cleaning part, but I love starting the week with a clean house)
Chipotle for lunch

Here are some pictures from this nice Sunday-

Matt- (don't you love his little dimple! all 3 of the kids have it!)
Ahhhh! Zack kissing Matt- what a sweet big brother
Sweet Emma
Zack - super excited!
Zack and Matt
The twins! Look how petite Emma is next to Matt!
I am sure this is so daily for Michelle and Trevor, but I thought it was really cute!

Later Barb came over and we had Pizza and watch the Suns win game 4! They are 2-2 now! Lets go Suns!