Friday, March 9, 2012


We went to Storm's funeral today.  Storm was in a relationship with my mom while I was growing up.  I don't remember how old I was when they got together, but I was in my twenties when they separated.  I figured he was a major male influence for me growing up.  He was a Vietnam Vet and told me most of his stories, but saved a few just for my mom.  At his funeral everyone called him by his legal name Norm or Narman Walt.  I knew what his name was, but after his relationship with my mom he must have went back to "Norm".  Another great man in my life is no longer with us, but I wish him the best where he is now.

Storm had many intresting stories. He was in the background of a few different photos in Time magazine. Or at least I'm pretty sure it was Time. It was during the Vietnam War. We was part of Reconosence and operated the radio for communications. He was in the middle of the action. One srtory had gurnades going off and him wishing his legs would follow when they pulled him away. Other stories had him and his squad throwing rocks at paper boats that they made waiting for orders.

One thing I will always remember was him trying to teach me a lesson on leaving my skateboard out in the front yard. Years later I was going through his storage shed and noticed this skateboard. I inquired about it and he reminded me that it was mine, but I never brought it up and he forgot.  The funny thing is, I never had a skateboard. I do know it was a neihbor kids board by the painted fruit on the bottom. Good times. 

Written by Kenny

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