Sunday, March 25, 2012

Garden Update

Kenny built me a seriously heavy duty gate for my fence! I LOVE it because I don't have to hop the 4 foot fence every time I want to water the garden! 

It opens up, but the base is still there so we can keep the electric fence up... to keep the dogs OUT! 

Last week I got my very first sprouts! So exiting!! These are the radish sprouts in the hanging planters: 

Today when I watered I got to see even more sprouts!

The green onions peaked out: 

The beans sprouted yesterday, but I didn't take a picture until today: 

The Radishes continue to pop up and need to be thinned! 

Even the corn has sprouted! 

I have a few miscellaneous sprouts that I am not sure what they are... the seeds must have been misplaced during watering. I also have ONE cucumber sprout, ONE watermelon and ONE cantaloupe ... they must be slower to sprout. 

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  1. That's Awesome. Your gate and Garden look great! :)