Thursday, September 29, 2011

count down

Since Kenny and Brian go to Bible Study on Thursday nights mom, the boys and I have been hanging out. This week we did some Halloween crafts and made a link countdown to Halloween! 
Jacob and Little Brian 
The boys had so much fun making their projects! I am so impressed with the changes in Little Brian. He is so much more focused and his attention span is longer than 30 seconds! He is really blossoming into a smart inquisitive little boy . Jacob is excelling leaps and bounds as well. My mom works with him almost everyday and he knows his alphabet, number and really likes to color. I am so happy to see those little boys AND my mom SO happy. They all keep each other busy and have a home full of love :)
Jacob, Me, Mom and Shelby 

Jacob, Me and Little Brian 
Oh, the boys made a little video of themselves too... This is a picture of them watching their video... they think they are so funny--

Monday, September 26, 2011

It’s Fall Y'all

Fall is my favorite time of the year! The weather we wait all year to enjoy is here (or at least on its way); nice cool mornings in the 70s. Although, we don’t get to see the traditional leaf color change here in Phoenix, we can still see signs of fall in the stores- candy corn is now on the shelves along with caramel apples and cute decorations.  I am looking forward to having the doors and windows open in the house, dropping off ‘boo’ packages, decorating the house, going to a pumpkin patch, wandering in a corn maze, carving some pumpkins and then roasting the seeds and maybe even making some caramel apples!  I hope to make a Halloween apron as well as a few other craft projects- to make some of my items on pinterest a reality! There will be parties to attend, costumes to wear and trick or treating to be done. We will probably make a trip up north for a hike and to check out the fall colors and I hope to hit the AZ State Fair and maybe a haunted house. October and November are always be super busy months, because there is SO much to do in AZ- the weather is good and all the snow birds come back! Happy Fall Y'all!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Steel Magnolias

Centerpiece with hair curlers 

Steel Magnolias is probably my mom’s all time favorite movie and by sheer repetition of watching it with her, I love it too. I saw last year that this play was coming to the Arizona Broadway Theater and wanted to take my mom, however the tickets were $79 each- so I deserted the idea. Then good old, Groupon came through for me with a 2 for 1 deal. I also used the money I made from teaching the card class and was able to buy the tickets to treat my mom, without breaking the bank!

We were at a table for 4 and met two nice enough ladies. They started off a little grumpy, because they felt like we were in there seats (however it is first come first serve…), but my mom can talk to anyone and smoothed things over. We ended up having a nice conversation with them and a pretty good lunch- Pecan crusted chicken with sweet mashed potatoes and veggies, but we mostly filled up on salad and bread.

The play was phenomenal and brought us both to tears, even though we knew what was going to happen! We really had a nice day together, but both agreed 5 hours at a play was a little much!

The Set

Me and Mom 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Melodi's Bridal Shower

Being a hostess can be super stressful, but when you host an event and are not the person in charge- double the stress! Michelle, Melodi's maid of honor and I had talked about a venue for the shower and I offered to have it at my  house, however she never confirmed so I wasn't sure. Then the invitations were sent out and I got word it would be at my house. It seemed like everything was up in the air - food, cake, games, prizes etc So I went to it and started making plans of my own. I made some decorations and favors and planned a good portion of the food.  My Bridal shower is one of my favorite memories. I got absolutely spoiled with gifts, advice and recipes. I remember thinking, "I can't believe this many people care that I am getting married" My parents living room was bursting at the seams... I just wanted a memory like that for Melodi too. 

The candy bar favors 
I made this ornament from this idea I saw on pinterest using their wedding invitation. 

These are the cupcakes Kenny made (so awesome having a former bakery manager in the house!) - they have crushed graham cracker to make the sand.

In the end all of my worrying was unnecessary and Michelle did a beautiful job hosting the party. We did end up with 2 types of cupcakes, cheese cake and an actual sheet cake, but better to have too much than not enough! 
This was the first time I got to meet a lot of Melodi's church family and they were so amazing people- down to earth, sweet and fun. I think almost every person must have told me how beautiful our home was and thanked me for allowing the party to be held there. 

We played the TP bride game which is always fun-

Opened gifts- I was SO glad that I wasn't the only one who got lingerie for her! 

I think the party turned out really nice and I think she had a great time and so did I . 

Mud Run

Stargrett: Would you like to pay a bunch of money to go play in the mud?
Me: Why, yes I would! In fact it is on my bucket list! 

Okay the conversation didn't go exactly like that but something close... ha ha I asked Kenny to join me, but he wasn't too excited about it (although he would have if I really wanted him to) so I asked my crazy brother who will do anything. 

Brian, the boys, my mom and I met Stargrett out at Rawhide for Dirty 6 (or 3 mile if you choose) Mud Run! We teased the boys that they would have to get in the mud pit too... I think Jacob actually would have done it and was a little disappointed to find out he only got to watch us... Little Brian was fine being clean, dry and on the sidelines.  
Me, Brian, Stargrett, Jacob and Jonathan 

Jacob, Me and Brian 
Our training consisted of ONE test run a little over half way to my parents house (Brian, my parents and the boys coming from their place and Kenny and I coming from ours)... That it. I was pretty nervous that I would fail miserably, but luckily it worked out just fine and we jog/walked the whole 3 miles. 

The first 'obstacle' was a giant mud pit... seriously who knew how fun it was to play in the mud!? Now getting out of the mud pit... not so easy but still very fun. 

The next obstacle was the balance beams... after seeing a few people fall... I decided I would scoot my way across. Although, the insides of my thighs were pretty scratched up I think the alternative of falling would have been worse... just look at the pictures of my poor brother falling.... 

We ran for the next 2 miles or so before we hit the last few obstacles which consisted of a shallow mud pit and being sprayed with a fire type hose. 

As we approached the finish line the boys were excitedly waving as us. We came up to the last obstacle which was a big pool... although the water was dirty it essentially washed away most of our mud.  

My only complaint is I wish there was more mud and less running!

Brian, Me and Stargrett at the finish 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Chuck E Cheese

Tonight Kenny, my brother, they boys and I met up with one of my old friends Christina Eubanks at Chuck E Cheese in Tempe. 
Her Little Boy Jonas 

Kenny and Christina playing some b-day

Brian and Christina playing... my brother is SO competitive! 

Little Brian 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Best Compliment

This makes my heart happy : )

You're becoming quite the piano player. It's nice listening to you.
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Monday, September 12, 2011


When my mom and I went to the movies on Saturday night some people were handing out fliers in front of the theater for a place called Blended Arts Dojo in Youngetown. The flier boasted a special for $75 for 6 weeks, but even better than that they offer 1 week absolutely free to try it out. Can't beat free, so my mom decided to sign Little Brian and Jacob up!

Beyond what they have seen in Karate Kid, the boys had NO idea what to expect. Little Brian was afraid of getting hurt and Jacob was just along for the ride.

Once the boys saw the room they would be practicing, I thought Little Brian was in love... one entire wall was a mirror. The kid just loves to look at himself in the mirror!

The class was assembled and the students began with warming up with stretching and then jumping jacks... Its terrible, but the four of us (mom, Brian, Kenny and I) couldn't help from laughing. The boys were so cute, however Jacob looked like he might be having a seizure with the way he was jumping and laughing... oh my.

Next they proceeded into kicks, blocking etc. It was so cute to hear them yell with the others 'heeya!' and 'yes, sir!' Jacob always tries and doesn't quit, and this time Little Brian was really putting himself out there too! He tried so hard and really paid attention to what he was supposed to be doing.

I don't know if they will stick with Karate, but it was fun for them to give it a try. I know Brian wants to get them signed up for soccer so we are looking for opportunities to do that.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

The BIG little Race

Kenny Little B and Barb.... they were pickin on Little B
Ever heard of The Wiener Nationals? Its a dachshund (dog) race held annually and I found one similar called the Desert Dash hound race!  I have only seen the races on TV, but thought it would be a lot of fun to have Toby participate! Sure he is a little 'plump', but it is not always about speed with these type of races but just getting your animal to run in the right direction... more on that later : )

We asked Barb, Brian and the boys to come with us and cheer Toby on. The race was held in doors at the AZ State Fair Grounds at the Pet Expo and the registration was only $15 (and went to a local animal charity). The Pet Expo was really fun to check out too. There were tons of vendors handing out free goodies like T-shirts, dog treats, toys etc. They had lots of products geared toward pet inhibited homes. Brian and I loaded up on freebies while Kenny and Barb slowly browsed the booths and the kids and Toby just bounced back and forth between us.

The boys got to check out a mini petting zoo... Check our Little Brian's face in the picture.

And what is an event these days without a bounce house?

Just before the race we watched the Pet Splash event which was pretty entertaining. They had a large above ground pool set up next to a large deck and the object was to get the dog to jump the furthest off the deck. If I could be in the pool I might be able to get Shelby to that!

Finally it was time for the Desert Dash Hound Race !! We geared up and decided that I would be the caller at the finish line and Kenny would be the one to hold and release Toby... since Toby is super attached to me ; ) There were a total of 4 dogs in the first heat that Toby ran in and he came in 2nd place! Doesn't sound that impressive, but I was SO proud and that got him into the 'finals'!!

Kenny, Toby and I 

Kenny getting ready to release Toby 

and there he goes 

Me, Kenny and Toby 

Little B celebrating the win 

Barb congratulating her grandpup  

Toby and Kenny 
We waited around and everyone was excited for the last race. My brother wanted to be the caller for the second race because he was certain Toby would listen to him better ... if only Toby cared what this was all about lol Right before the race began the two dogs adjacent to Toby started to fight and Toby was staring at them when the race began... so instead of racing to the line he kept a safe distance and just moseied his way to the finish line... Needless to say he wasn't the big winner.
Jacob on the way home... Rock n Roll Rock n Roll