Saturday, March 17, 2012

St.Patty's Day

For some unknown reason I was really looking forward to St. Patty’s Day this year. I bought stuff in early February to make the day super special for my nephews. I kept telling my brother about it and he would make comments like, “Isn’t that in March?” or “When is this holiday anyway” lol

 I signed up for a baking class in the morning with Jackie, Joanna and Stacy from work. The class was basically everything on a stick; cake pops, chocolate dipped marshmallows and rice krispies on a stick. The class was pretty fun, but I decided making cake pops was not for me. It was A LOT of work and would have required I buy a lot of supplies.... Jackie was tickled by the whole thing and just loved it. Joanna and Stacy like it, but said they probably wouldn’t make them again. It just don’t get spending so much time making something you are going to eat so beautiful.. I rather spend the time on a scrapbook or card…

Me and Jackie showing off our cake pops

Joanna and Stacy
All my Cake pops! 
I saved the best one for Kenny to try and he really like it!

That evening we got a visit from a Leprechaun! I don’t think he expected us to be home… he ran through the house so quickly we could barely see him! He spilled tons of his gold all over the living room and messed the place up pretty good. When we called to tell the boys about it they were already on the way to our house and had found a similar scene at there house!! He got away, but left the boys a basket packed FULL of GREEN goodies as a consolation prize for giving him such a good hunt but not finding his pot of golf.

Little Brian


We had corned beef, cabbage, baby carrots and red potatoes for dinner. My brother made the boys try everything and they ended up liking it. My brother also tried it for the first time and like it a lot. I made Italian Chicken for Kenny, my brother and the boys and that came out pretty delicious too. My parents enjoyed all the food and didn’t complain about the extremely over cooked cabbage J It was such a nice, fun day!  

Oh... and the men decided to silly string the little boys as they left...

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