Monday, March 19, 2012

It's a boy!

Mason Alexander Foster is here! He arrived this morning at 5:15 AM and weight 10 lbs 7 oz and was 22inches long... WOW. 

At 3:30 this morning I received a text " Im in labor!! call me when  you wake up!" 

At 5:25 I received another text "Mason Alexander is here! 10 lbs 7 oz!" 

I woke up at 6AM. 

I cannot believe I missed it!! I was supposed to take the pictures for her and I slept right through the whole thing. 

Around 2 AM Blair started to have labor pains. Her and Allan timed the contractions with an app on Allan's phone (cute huh?) and by 3 AM they decided to go to the hospital... on the way to the hospital they had to stop and get gas (let me tell you I would have been less than patient with that....). Between the gas station and the hospital her water broke in the car! She said she could actually hear a pop when it burst. 

They got to the hospital, got a room etc. She was around 5 cm when the anesthesiologist came in to give her an epidural. He tried about 7 or 8 times until he finally got her line started... but then it was too late. She was fulled dilated and it was time to deliver. NO doctor was there so the anesthesiologist stayed for the delivery. 
She delivered a 10 lb 7 oz baby 100% naturally... yikes. That is like a 3 month old! crazy! She said it was the worst experience of her life and defiantly the hardest delivery. I was hoping she was going to say it was the easiest since it was the 4th and it was quick! Poor thing!!

Her and baby are doing well. Allan was resting most of the time we visited, but we did get to say hi to him tonight too. 

Here are a few quick pictures we took tonight-  

He is a big boy, but still looks so tiny to me! 

Me and Mason 

Poor Kenny is always so nervous holding new babies : )

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