Sunday, April 1, 2012

Afternoon Ice Cream

Brittany and Chris were in town for Spring Break so Barb had planned on taking them out for ice cream. Specifically she wanted to buy Chris a banana split because he had never had one before!
We got invited to join them and Barb was nice enough to treat us ALL to Dairy Queen ice cream!  

Kenny, Chris, Barb, Little Brian, Kim, Jacob, Brittany and Sarah 

Chris and his first banana split

Jacob and his chocolate ice cream

Little B devouring his ice cream (doesn't The Rock look scary on his shirt!?) 

Brittany - can you believe she is already 13??? 


Notice the paper in Jacob's mouth? Uncle Kenny tried to convince the boys that the paper was 'the best part of the cone' and should be eaten and enjoyed.... so he tore off a piece and shoved it in his mouth. All the kids were totally grossed out and didn't fall for it, but Jacob thought it was hilarious and copied him. 

It was nice visiting with the kids even if it was only for an hour. I cannot believe Brittany is already 13 years old AND ALREADY HAS BOYFRIENDS! Craziness! She told Barb, "I just got out of a relationship." 

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