Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Fun

Halloween is my brother and Crystal's anniversary so we offered to babysit the boys so they could go on a date (plus we adore the boys). 

Saturday night we were going to take the boys to church, but Jacob was pretty sick so we didn't want to expose the other kids so we just went home. We got Pizza and watch their favorite movie, Transformers. We tried to do some fall things and had caramel apples for dessert (found out Lil B doesn't like em'), read some fall books, had a "fire" in the fire place and took a walk around the block. It was really nice out and we just took our time. I was surprise how many people decorated for Halloween in our neighborhood! The boys loved checking everything out and we had them count the pumpkins or point out what they saw at each house. We were impressed to learn little Brian can count to 30 and Jacob can count to 10 (although he likes to skip 6 for some reason).

It was a fun night... both boys ended up passing out on the couch and Uncle Kenny carrying them into their room.  

In the morning we got up bright and early and took the boys to Wal-mart to Jake some new shoes. We got him some with velcro so he could put them on himself and let Little Brian pick one thing... he chose a Transformers book and I was so proud of him! He is taking such an interest in reading now. Then we took the boys to McDonalds for an early lunch and play time. They loved it. 
Thankfully my mom watched the boys all day (although my dad wasn't to happy to have the interruption of his Sunday football/nap time) while Kenny and I went to our friend's wedding. She had a lot of fun with them working on puzzles and playing tic tac toe. Little Brian told my mom he wished Jacob had a grandma too, because he loved her. She told him she was Jacob's grandma too and he was shocked. Pretty cute what kids come up with. 

That evening we took the kids to our church's Trunk or Treat. It was huge! We only got down one isle and Little Brian told me they had too much candy and were tired. 
 I was SO excited to run into our little niece Genna!! My brother's ex-wife Nikki lives in the area and just happen to be taking advantage of Radiant's Trunk or Treat too! Here is a picture of Genna and all her brothers- 
Jacob (3), Little Brian (5), Genna (8) and Bryton (5) (Nikki and Frank's son) 

Beverly's Wedding

Our friends Beverly and Lloyd got married today at Pioneer Arizona. 
They really couldn't have picked a better place for themselves. This old town was so neat! Here is a picture of a bakery (only the walls stand) 
And here is the church they were married in- 

Here is Lloyd anxiously waiting for his beautiful bride. He looks so calm to me, but I found out later he was SUPER nervous. 

I missed the kiss, but this will do-
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Eason ! (doesn't Lloyd look like he just pulled off the biggest scam ever?) 

The reception followed at Beverly's house. 
 We mingled with the other guests- 

had, a nice lunch and wished the new couple well! We are so happy for them!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chasing Down Fall

Saturday morning we drove to Sedona (2 1/2 hours), waited an hour to park and hiked 6 miles (total trip) to see FALL! Us AZ raised kids don't really know what fall looks like, except in pictures, and we wanted to see for ourselves. With our busy schedules we almost cancelled this trip several times, but Kenny insisted we go. I am SO glad he did! The West Fork Trail in Oak Creek Canyon was just beautiful! The weather was awesome, although it got a little hot towards the end of the hike. It smelled so good, the hike was easy and we just enjoyed being there. The trail is heavily traveled so there were tons of people around, but we still managed to get some great pictures (although we literally had to wait in line at some spots). Enjoy the pictures! 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Home Opener

After 3 pregames we were SO ready to start the season! 
You know it is a big deal when all the TV stations have 2 vans each there! 

We decided to splurge big time and have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. They have the BEST Caesar salad in the world! 

We got to the game early and enjoyed the interesting sites- 

and sounds of the arena - 

I couldn't believe how many Lakers fans were there! It was a little intimidating having such aggressive fans around us... I really don't like Kobe Bryant (or his obnoxious, mouthy fans!) . He is a great basketball player, but has the worth attitude!! 

I loved the half time show- the PHX drum line kind of reminds me of STOMP

One down and 40 more to go! It is gonna be a fun 7 months!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Mummies!

Here is my little Halloween project-

 These are SUPER easy to make... just collect tin cans (that canned food comes in), spray paint them white, glue on eyes and wahla- candy holder/decoration! I filled mine with Candy in decorative bags and am gonna give them out at work tomorrow. I used gauze from Joann's but I would recommend using something a little thicker or maybe just stripes of fabric if I were to make em again.


I came across this cute idea in a magazine and decided it would be my project for this Halloween. These were SO easy to make. I just collected cans, sprayed them white, wrapped them with gauze and glued on eyes! Someone at work brought me in a a little chilly can and it gave me the idea to make the Ross family in mummies! 
Here is one close up.
 I asked Michelle if we could come by (didn't say why) and she invited us to come for dinner! It was delicious and fun. We got to "say prayers" with Zack (SO rude to take a picture I know, but it is so stinkin' cute how much he loves to pray).
Emma was a little bored so Michelle decided to do a trial run of the kids costumes so Kenny and I could see them since we would see them on Halloween- 
Its a bird, its a plane NO its ZACK MAN- Super Man
Emma the Angel twin
Devil and Angel
Happy little Matt Devil 
Kenny came up with this idea... if only we could have got them to look at us...