Friday, March 30, 2012

Foodie Pen Pal

This month I participated in a swap called 'Foodie Pen Pals'. When I told my hubby about the swap he couldn't really understand my excitement, but as always supported my decision to participate. : ) 

I decided to by duplicate items of everything I send so that I can try even more new things and hopfully find some better, healthy snacks for me and my hubby.

When we were assigned partners I have to admit I was a little disappointed to learn the person receiving my package was a Vegan (sorry Rachael!) . I was sure there wouldn't be anything fun to send her... boy was I wrong!  Luckily, my friend Becky's daughter used to be a Vegan so she helped me to understand what they will and won't eat and where to find some yummy goodies... I shopped at Trader Joes-- wasn't too impressed and figured she could find most of those items at home so I went to a local Farmers market.... I struck gold! I got to taste and try lots of new things... The Pickled Perfection was probably my favorite booth... pickled cucumbers, celery, asparagus, eggs, and even mushrooms! They were by far my favorite so I snagged a container for me and for my pen pal. Next I discovered Kale Chips... YUM I have been back twice for more... great snack- but super expensive. They have crushed cashews on them which creates a 'cheese' flavor... SO good! It's it funny that the brand name is "The health Foodie" - couldn't be more perfect for this swap if you ask me! 
The Stuff I sent 

Kale Chip 

My package from my pen pal arrived right on time and I excitedly opened it to find all these goodies!

I am actually going through a Peanut Butter and Jelly phase right now so I had a lot of fun sampling the Almond butters. Each packet is the perfect amount for a sandwich.  I have to say regular old peanut butter is still my favorite, because the Almond butter has a little but of a texture to it and isn't as sweet but was fun for a change.

My favorite item in the package was the cinnamon sugar grinder... SO neat-o and I cannot wait to try it!

I tried the Strawberry Yogurt raisins and was pleasantly surprised! (since I don't love raisins). I took them to live in my junk drawer at work  : ) Great snack!

Oh and the Luna Bars... there are always so many new flavors to try.... I LOVED the Lemon and the Chocolate Coconut ones! The Chocolate Coconut one tastes like an Almond Joy!! WOW.  I will be buying more!!! 

Thanks again Foodie Pen Pal Kelsey!

 I am already signed up for next month, but if you want to sign up click here. Its a lot of fun! 

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