Sunday, July 20, 2008


07/20 Sunday was Michelle's (Kenny's Cousin) surprise baby shower. I went a little early and helped her sister Kim set up. It was a lot of fun to see her surprise and excitement. She is so excited for her little boy and so are her friends and family! Nanette (her mom) made her 9 crocheted blankets and they were just beautiful! 

07/21-07/29 My grandma went in to the hospital for a simple out patient procedure.I am no doctor, but I will describe this the best way I can. She was supposed to get stints put in her heart and have her artery cleaned out in her neck. Monday they went in to put the stints in her heart and decided she didn't need them, but kept her over night to do the second procedure. Tuesday they did the thing in her neck and when they did she had a small stroke. They had her in ICU for several days after that. She had Pneumonia and was on oxygen. Everyday they told her she would go home the next day but then something else would go wrong. Finally Saturday she was about to be discharged and another doctor had to check her over before she could leave and thank God he did! He noticed that she was bleeding from her surgery still and that they had not properly clamped off the artery! Saturday night she broke out in this terrible rash - they said a reaction to the antibiotics. Also, she had a horrible episode of shaking which they wrote off as a anxiety attack, but might have been her passing a clot in her chest.  Sunday she had another surgery and they fixed the problem. She recovered more quickly after that and finally got to go home on Tuesday after a 8 day stay in the hospital for an out patient procedure. She had to go home with oxygen, but only used it for the first week or so. She seems to be doing really well. When my mom I talked to her about a possible malpractice suit she said that she wasn't mad and that they didn't do it to her on purpose. I thought that was really something to think about if only more of us thought like that. If I went through what she went through because of doctors mistakes or inadequate care I don't think I would be quite as forgiving as her.
Okay moving on I could probably talk about that all day-- on 07/31/08 Michelle and Trevor's baby boy Zackery Quinton Ross was born at 10:44 PM and was 19 3/4 inches and 6.4 lbs . He is just the cutest little guy ever!
August has been a blurr of softball games, work, studying, cooking classes, a birthday party, a graduation (Crystal my brothers girlfriend graduated from Mechanic school), visiting friends and family etc. But one really  important thing that happened to us was on Sunday August 3 Kenny and I became God Parents! Michelle and Trevor asked us to be Zack's God parents. God Parents can have a lot of meanings so I just want to clarify what it means to us is basically if Zack were orphaned we would take care of him and be his legal guardians. For us it is a really huge honor and we are more than excited about it.
Well, that is what we have been up to and next week Monday I am taking another CPCU test (7/8) and Friday we leave for our glorious 2 week vacation to Illinois. We will be taking our travel trailer and the dogs cross country through New Mexico, TX, Oklahoma then on to Little Rock Arkansas were we will visit Kenny's mom's side of the family. Then on to Branson, MO for some shows and fun then to Springfield to visit his dad's side of the family-- Uncle Jerry and Aunt Kathy, Brett and Jerry JR and hopefully Aunt Donna. Then to Peoria to visit his dad's grave and Susie his step mom. Jennifer, Kenny's step sister, is due 09/09 with baby number 2 so we may get to be there or visit with her new baby girl! On our way home we will go through Iowa, Nebraska, Co and stay 2 days in Richfield Utah to end our trip. Anyway, I will tell you all about it next month!!
Have a good one!

Amanda and Kenny

Friday, July 18, 2008

Family Pictures

On Saturday we got family pictures taken with my side of the family. We had them taken at Target. My brother and Kenny are so funny they had all of us laughing so hard! The boys (Jacob and Little Brian) were so cute too. Every time I look at those pictures it makes me smile.