Saturday, February 27, 2010

Suns Game!

Friday night Kenny and his Nana went to the Suns vs LA Clippers and had a blast! They got these amazing seats in the 7th row off the ticket exchange.

I just love Sarah she is always up for anything and ready to have some fun. Kenny was looking for something fun to do while I was gone at the retreat and decided the Suns game was perfect. He called up his Nana on Thursday night to go Friday night and she was game!

There happen to be A LOT of pictures of cheerleaders in the bunch.... but I just posted a few that they took... enjoy!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sick Pup

Last night our poor Hopie looked like this-
She was throwing up, sad, wouldn't eat and was moaning... She is our "junk yard dog". She never gets sick... so for her to act so sad and down we KNEW something was just not right. We took her to the emergency animal hospital... They took X-rays and gave her an IV (don't you love the humps on her back from the hydration IV) and gave her some medications to take home... They think she ate something bad (a piece of tennis ball/toy or possibly even poison of some kind).
$425 later she is doing much better! This morning she ate a little and this afternoon she ran in the yard and played ball! We love our Hopie and are so glad she is okay!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Garden Update

I have been totally lazy with my garden this year... but with all the rain I have been SO lucky and got lots of broccoli, peas and lettuce. My tomatoes don't taste great and I am not sure why.
For my Spring Garden I wanted MORE SPACE so I planted a few things in pots! I used these hanging pots for the radishes. Hope it works out... I also planted garlic in a pot because I was told if you plant it next to another plant in the ground the other item will taste like garlic! Also, I planted the lettuce in containers so I can move them on the porch when it gets hot.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Creating a habit

Eating out is pretty much a habit for us... We eat 95% of our meals out (not including breakfast, because neither one of us really eat anything in the morning)... it is expensive and not always healthy. We are trying to develop a habit of eating dinner at home... I am sure you are probably thinking I have heard this before... yeah you probably have. We go through cycles.
Anyway, today Jack-in-the-box was giving away free a free sandwich with a purchase of a drink and IHOP was giving aways free pancakes... my oh my I wanted to give in and go out to eat!! But we didn't! We stayed home and made our own pancakes with fruit to top it off and they were delicious.

We haven't been eating big extravagant meals or anything, but we are eating at home and SAVING MONEY! We share in the preparation, cooking, dishes etc. We sit at the dinner table and turn off the TV and actually say a blessing before we eat (we normally just sit at the coffee table in front of the TV). It is nice to just sit and talk about our day.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Some parents get to brag about straight A's or a homerun or something of that nature... but we have 3 furbabies so the kind of news we like to share is this - Hope, our oldest, got a bird this weekend! Yes it is totally disgusting, but really a huge deal for her. She is always so proud when she kills one and at least this time she didn't bring it into the house. Our yard is super small so she really doesn't have that much hunting room and I believe this is the first one she has gotten at this house. Anyway... good job Miss Hopie!!

A Birthday Prank!

Our friend at work turned 48 today... so we thought we should fill his cubicle with balloons...
getting started...
going a little faster than we thought!
cute helpers
getting there....
almost done
DONE! 360 balloons
some decorations....
a view from the top
Jacob over the top!

Some time with my favorite guys!

I was SO looking forward to this weekend and spending some time with the boys. I picked them up on Saturday afternoon. We went to church, picked up some pizza and headed home. Little Brian did not want to be left in the childcare at church, but then when we got back he didn't want to leave! Radiant has such a great children's program and I knew they would love it!
The boys always want to go to our house (they say lets go to yous house) SO that was our plan. Just plain ol' staying home and playin'. We made cupcakes and cookies which was pretty darn fun, but oh so messy.
Here is Kenny helping them mix up the cake batter. The really funny part which I didn't get a picture of was how Little Brian cracked the eggs. He didn't just crack them he crushed them... and then we pulled the shells out.
Filling up the cupcakes. He was having so much fun, but I swear only half the batter made it into cupcakes... the rest was all over the pans, counter and... me and Jacob!
on to making cookies.
Finished cupcakes
Jacob shoved about 1/2 a bag of gummy bears in his mouth
decorating is serious business
Jacob decorating the love notes
All the guys wrestling

We headed out to deliver the boys baked goods to my parents, grandparents and their parents. First stop was my parents--
Little Brian and his grandpa.

When we drove up to the house both boys saw my dad sitting on the porch and they squealed "papa" when they saw him!
Jacob and his grandpa
more wrestling at my parents house
this looks like a hug, but really it was a" please body slam me..." ha ha
My grandparents and the boys. Brian was not smiling because he didn't like being interrupted from playing with his new toys my grandparents bought him.
This is pretty much what the end of all of their visits look like... Jacob sleeping and little Brian
asking if he can please stay with us and not go home.

Not enough time...

Last week was a tough week at work for me... my PC broke and needed to be sent to home office for repair. Although, they gave me a loaner PC, I did not have access to the majority of my files and it pretty much made every aspect of my job harder and more stressful. Plus we were super busy all week and I didn't have time to study for my up coming test or clean the house and I just felt like a mess. So I decided I needed a break and took the day off on Friday. Although, I did still go into the office for a little but, I had most of the day to get what I wanted to done! We cleaned the house, went to the grocery store, ran some errands and just hung out together. It was really nice and I felt so good to get myself back in order! Kenny is such an amazing husband and I am so thankful he is always there to help and share in the responsibilities of our home, chores etc.

We even stopped by and saw Michelle, Trevor, Zack and the twins. I got to feed Matt and Kenny fed Emma. It really was a nice day.

Saturday Kenny was supposed to go out to Buckeye to help his mom with some things and I was going to go to a sewing class with my buddy Jackie. Well, on Kenny's way the check engine light came on. Luckily it was something simple (and cheap) so he fixed it and only lost about an hour and half). My class on the other hand was cancelled due to a sick teacher! I was totally bummed!!It was a nice cold rainy day so I ended up coming home and studying and then headed off to get the boys later in afternoon.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Favorite Day of the month

Last night was Love Notes at Scrapbooks etc. It was a blast as always and here are the cards we made-

Valentines Day!

Hi Everyone! I have been SO bad about updating lately!! Valentine's Day was fabulous ! I did my traditional one valentine goody per day from the 1st-14th- Kenny really liked it. It is always something small like a candy bar, a scratches ticket or maybe a QT iced tea but he looks forward to his little surprises.

I got spoiled rotten and received flowers at work! They are so pretty and I just LOVE the vase!
On Sunday when I woke up I got this giant wiener dog! It is just too cute! The dogs hated it and tried to attack it. I also got 2 boxes of chocolate (one from the dogs and one from Kenny).
In the morning we headed out to Buckeye to have some of Barb's amazing homemade pizza and then headed out to the golf course. We decided for our Valentine date we would try out golfing. Kenny has been golfing with my dad for a couple months and really likes it so I thought I might enjoy it as well. My dad, Kenny and I golfed 18 holes at the Pueblo El Mirage course and had such a blast! They found my stance comical because apparently I had a batter's stance and wound up to hit the ball... I did pretty good though AND my dad took my hit one of the times (we played best ball). The course is very pretty and I had a lot of fun driving the cart too!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Kenny sent me these awesome flowers ! 

In other news, I did the 4 mile trail at Thunderbird in just 62 mins! A record for me. 

Also, Kenny had to replace the brakes and 'bearings' (no idea what that is) in the truck. Once again I am thankful for his mad mechanical skills! 

Valentines !

Check out these candy bars! I made these for my buddies at work. The little quote says "A girl's first love... Chocolate!" See the texture? I did that on my new cuttlebug! Fun huh? I used pop dots on the heart punch outs to give them more dimension.
Here is the big ol' pile of em.... and my flowers my hubby sent me! Isn't he sweet!? Tomorrow is a half day for me so he had them delivered a day early to make sure I would get them and could enjoy them. Very thoughtful I think : )

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Impromptu Party

Today Kenny and I went out to Buckeye to visit Barb and Sarah and check out our trailer for next weekend. We all went out to lunch at their favorite Mexican place and did a little shopping. We all tried on these new Sketchers shoes called Shape ups, which are supposed to firm up your muscles, improve your blood flow etc just by walking in them. Pretty interesting... I want some... to bad they are $100! While we were out Michelle called and said she was going to bring the kids out to visit Sarah... ummm we totally had to wait for them to come out so we could see the babies! SO Sarah and Barb decided to have an impromptu Super Bowl Party! I of course took about 100 pictures... here are my favorites... (again in no order because I cannot figure out how to arrange them!)
Kenny and Matt
Matt's little fingers!
Ah Emma's long little fingers!
Silly Zack in his mama's shoes
Nanette and Barb
Emma, Matt and Me
Sarah and Kenny tag teaming Zack. I love that little boys laugh!
A big yawn from Emma
Emma and Barb
Emma and Matt
Michelle with all her babies!
Giggly Zack
Zack just realized he was that close to the babies....
Kenny with Zack, Emma and Matt