Monday, April 28, 2008

On 4/28/2008 8:31 AM, Amanda L. Kuhn wrote:
Hi Guys!

Just wanted to send a note to keep in touch. It has been a busy month and here is what we have been up to--

Easter was fun- we had a dinner out in Buckeye with Barb, Dave, Sarah and Quint on Saturday. Then on Sunday we went to my brothers for an Easter lunch. My mom made all the food and brought it out. It was really nice and we enjoyed spending time with them and the boys. Holidays are so much fun with little ones. Also, my brother got a dog. She is really a cute puppy and is really good with the boys. Her name is Kitty...

We had a fun trip to Vegas at the end of March. Kenny was super busy with work so I hung out at the hotel. I enjoyed the quiet time to study and when he was done with work we did a little shopping and went to dinner. Kenny did gamble a little, but didn't win this time.
On Friday April 4th we went to Barb and Dave's for a nice BBQ for Kenny's b-day. Sarah and Quint (Kenny's grandparents) were there too and we all had a good time. Kenny and I put all of Barb's old home movies of Kenny growing up onto DVDs and we watched some of those. That Saturday I got to learn about guns. Dave was kind enough to teach and explain about them and safety and stuff. We went out to the desert afterwards and fired them. That night we went over to my parents house for B-day a pizza party for Kenny. My mom got him a giant oreo ice cream cake too. We went swimming and played some cards.

The next week was a busy travel week for us. On the 8th (Kenny's b-day) I went down to Tucson with my friend Beverly (our marketing rep) and we visited a few agents and took one to El Paso for lunch. I used to get so nervous taking agents to lunch, but now it can be fun.  Kenny did an audit in Globe that day so he was busy traveling too. That night we went to El Paso for dinner (some place I went to lunch in Tucson ha ha). Kenny got a giant desert for his b-day, but luckily they didn't sing to him.

The next day I fly to California and met up with the marketing rep there and we visited 11 agents over the next 3 days. I came home late Friday night and Kenny took me to the Chuck Wagon for dinner. It was a nice treat.

Monday April 14 was our last softball game with our work team. We ended the season 2 and 6. We are really looking forward to our Church team starting back up in June.

Last weekend I spent the day with Beverly for a girls day out. We met at Red Robin for lunch, went to the Goodwill 50% off day sale and then headed to her girlfriends house for a Cookie Lee Jewelry party. Mean while Kenny went out to Ben Avery and got some practice shooting in and enjoyed watching the Suns game. That night we went out to Barb and Daves for dinner. Sunday my grandparents took us out to Carols O Briens for dinner to thank Kenny for all his work on her computer. We had such a great time and enjoyed the good food and good company. My grandparents are doing so well and we are so proud of them. They have quit smoking and started exercising! They are taking walks and she is doing so much better.

On the 23rd and 24th Kenny went back to Vegas for work. The 23rd was Administrative Professionals Day (AKA Secretary's Day) so I took my assistant Carol out to lunch. We always have fun together since we both are really into crafts.

This past weekend we loaded up the trailer and the dogs and headed up north to camp with Barb and Dave. It was a beautiful weekend and we had the best spot to camp. The dogs enjoyed the open spaces and running around. They sure were tired Sunday night!

Last night we got the news that my Great Aunt Edie passed way at 8:20 Sunday morning. She was my dad's aunt. She was living in an assisted living home in California. At the beginning of this year her health started to decline. She had a cold that got so bad she finally went to the doctor. They discovered a mass in her lung and it was cancer. Then on 03/25/08 she had a stroke and was parlayed on her left side. Aunt Mabel (her sister) and Debbie came out to visit in mid April and celebrated her 80th  b-day in the hospital. The girls extended their stay as long as they could and headed home this past Friday. She will be cremated and there will not be a service for her as this is what she wanted. We will miss her, but are glad she is in a better place.

Love you guys,

Amanda and Kenny