Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tired Pup

This is our tuckered out Hopie after our hike today. It was the first time we took her along and she did great! Who knew exercise could be fun! 

Free Chicken!

Monday KFC gave away a piece of their new grilled chicken to each customer... so  you know me - I had to partake in FREE chicken!! So Kenny and I decided it would be fun to ride our bikes up there and have a picnic at the park with our chicken. We really enjoyed it. The ducks, pigeons and birds were all begging for chicken, which we found humorous, but one was so bold and stood a foot away and watched us eat. I told him "no, no" and Kenny thought that was pretty funny.... and told me ducks probably didn't know what that meant. You know our dogs don't listen and beg at the dinner table too so it was just like being at home. Anyway, it was a fun time so I thought I would share. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Birthday...

This afternoon Barb treated us to Pizza Factory for Kenny's birthday. Our schedules have been so busy this was the soonest we could get together. We had a lot of fun talking and reminiscing together. Great food and even better company.

From the Scraps...

Most of the pages I have done recently were from page kits so there weren't many scraps, but I did come up with these cards today from what I had left over. I invited my mom over for a "make n take" and she made a few too. Fun stuff!!
I have a few weddings coming up so I made the cards for those as well... I was so excited how well my card matched the invitation!! 

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Quarter Auction

Thursday night Sarah and I went to a Home and Garden Party Quarter Auction and we cleaned up!! We each won 4 items!!
A Quarter auction is kind of a hybrid between and auction and a lottery. Basically you get a paddle with a number and a corresponding ping pong ball with the same number. The ball goes in a tub bin with everyone elses and as they "auction" each item you decide if you want to put a quarter in and try for that item - (so 20 people can bid a quarter each) then they draw a number out and if they draw your number and you put in your quarter -- you win! We each only spent around $10 for the entire evening- awesome!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Make N Takes

There is a shop hop going on right now and each store has it's own make n take. Here are the few I have done-- 

Make n' Take

There is a new store in town called Crop Girls and it is just 10 mins from my work. Each week there is a make n take ... SO I drag my girlfriend from work with me and we do a little project at lunch. It's just $2! Here are two we've done already (a mini book and greeting card) 

I've been BUSY

Here are some more of my pages for the album club...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This weekend Kenny, me and my mom went on the awesomest mini vacation ever. My cousin Kenny ( my mom's brother's son) was getting married in St. Louis, MO so we went and made a little vacation out of it. We had a super great time-- Here is a synopsis of what we did and some pictures : )

TGI Fridays* Mesa Airport* Wendy's * Hotel # 1 * "nap" * Met Little Kenny for breakfast at Cracker Barrel* Went to the Arch * Wedding at the Botanical Garden's* Ted Drews for "concrete" frozen custard * Drove to Washington, MO for the reception * Ate at Lambert's - home of the thrown rolls * Drove to Branson * 2nd Hotel * free continental breakfast * Shopping at craftmalls * Stake N Shake for lunch * Scrapbooks Forever * Ripley's Museum * Dolly Parton's  Dixieland Stampede * Fast & Furious at the IMAX * slept * free continental breakfast * Titanic Museum * Mario's Pizza*  Shopping *  Miniature golf * Andy's Frozen Custard * drove to Springfield, MO * More Shopping * Bass Pro Shop * Airport * Won $175 50/50 raffle on the plane * Drove Home* 

We made lots of fun memories this weekend but here are a few of our favorites-

My favorite-- Breakfast with Little Kenny- My cousin is an amazing guy. He just finished 6 years of service in the US Army. For his wedding he wore his dress uniform (which appears to be very well decorated to me) and when he met us for breakfast he was already dressed in it. While we were eating a man came up and shook his hand and thanked him for his service and offered to buy his breakfast- Kenny said Thank you but that was not necessary. Later the man gave him a $20 anyway. At the end of breakfast another man came over shook his hand and thanked him too. I felt so proud of him and was glad we were there to see that.

My mom's favorite-- The wedding was SO beautiful! Monica ,the bride, seems like such a nice women and so beautiful too. She has a little girl who is just smart as can be and seems to just adore Little Kenny. I am so happy for him and excited for them!! It was nice to see my cousin Summer who I haven't seen in probably 12 years and my Aunt Susan who I haven't seen in 14+ years.

Kenny's favorite thing was the Arch. He had been up in the Arch when he was a kid, but hasn't been there in a number of years. The park surrounding the Arch was amazingly beautiful and we took tons of pictures. My poor mom wasn't too excited about ridding up in the extremely small elevator "balls", because she is claustrophobic... BUT she did it!! We were very proud of her and had a good time looking around. Amazing place!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Working 9 to 5

I love that Dolly song 9 to 5.... the cool thing is this week I am working 8- 3:30 (My normal hours are 7-3:30) Our underwriting team won a contest and I won't bore you with the details but we got to come in 1 hour late all week. It sure was nice to sleep in!!

Campin' (04/10-4/12/09)

We went camping with our friends at this beautiful place in Camp Verde called Fossil Creek. Here are some of our pictures from the trip. Here is Beverly playing ball with the dogs while we waiting for the road to reopen on Friday. Here is the little bit of snow we saw in Strawberry after we were tired of waiting for the road to open and drove two hours around to get to camp. Here it is a view driving in 45 mins on the scary dirt road.