Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hazzah !

My mom (along with Kenny) decided to take me to the AZ Renaissance Festival for my 'birthday experience. My mom wanted to make a big deal of my birthday because she said I always make a big deal of everyone else's : ) 

That morning we went over to my parents house for breakfast. We made lots of EGGS!! 

Little Brian with a chicken egg and Jacob with the Ostrich egg


After breakfast we climbed into the truck and drove out to Apache Junction (over an hour ride). The Festival was like going into Castleville live (our game we play on FB), it was amazing!!

A tree man, Little Brian and Jacob 

Little Brian 

We totally rode that slide! 

Fire Eater! 

Little Brian, a knight and Jacob

My mom and her chocolate covered banana 

Little Brian took a challenge to move that item out of a circle without using his hands! Silly boy!!

Jacob and Brian 

It sorta of looks like Brian is throwing the axe at Kenny 

Brian slayed the dragon! 

It was a fun day and we were all exhausted when we left! 

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