Thursday, March 22, 2012

Its been awhile

Its been a while since we (my mom, Merrit, Jackie and I) got together and headed out to Mesa for a class! Jackie was kind enough to drive us out there- I get so sick of driving all the time and I didn’t have the company car as an option. On the way out there I was relishing the fact that I could play on my phone (again since I am usually the driver), playing on FB, playing words with Friends etc… and Jackie asked me if I was going to be on my phone the whole way… I said, yeah probably why? She said because its rude… UGHHHHH I was so made because she and everyone else does it while I am driving, but I put my phone way. Later Jackie brought up that Kris, her husband, commented that her and I fight like sisters… could be…. I don’t have any sisters, but I defiantly don’t fight with anyone else they way I fight with Jackie. There really isn’t anything off limits that we can tell each other. Not many people are like that.

Anyway, the four of us had a wonderful, unhealthy meal at Freddy’s Steakburgers. Yummy cheese fries. I refilled my soda on the way out of the restaurant to take for class…. Yet another argument Jackie and I have… she says you shouldn’t refill and take your cup with you- because the restaurant intends for you to just drink while you are there. I disagree. I think if they have the machine out and no notes about limited refills you can fill it and go…

Anyway (again) we got to Etc for our class and it was a really great class. I love Joey! She makes such fabulous books and the directions can easily be followed… she precuts EVERYTHING! At the end of class she drew names for door prizes and a free class… and guess who won? ME !! No thanks to my friends who all chanted, “Oh she isn’t here and don’t you have to be present to win??” I probably won’t take the April class because it is a baby book : (  but I am sure May will be awesome!

After Jackie dropped off Merit and took my mom and I to my truck at work, my mom and I got home about 10PM. My brother was nice enough to come by and water the garden, fill up the dogs water and feed them that evening so I didn’t have to worry so much about them (Kenny is in Vegas for work). Little B has been in trouble and my brother ran out of chores for him at their house so he made him pick up my dogs poop too since the were there. 

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