Saturday, March 3, 2012

Skydiving take 2

For my brother's birthday Kenny and I let him pick from Lazer Tag, Paintball OR skydiving. The catch to skydiving was he had to wait until March (for my bday, money and weather reasons).

FINALLY the day came that my brother and I would jump out of a plane together. 

We arrived in Eloy early and started preparing for our jump. We water our video, signed our waivers, met with our tandem jumpers, suited up and listened to instructions:  

Lean back when you jump out of the plane! The air will force your head down!

This was a first (new from when I went in 2010) 

Me and Brian 
We were the only tandem jumpers on our flight that day. We jumped out last... it was pretty weird to see my brother jump out a plane door!! 

I am the red in the background! 

The energy and excitement level was A LOT lower than when I jumped the first time! My brother said he wasn't nervous and afterwards said it wasn't very scary! The entire experience seemed to go a lot more quickly this time than the first time. I only bought pictures for Brian this time since I already have great ones from my first time. I don't think Brian's photographer was very good, but they did get a couple good ones.

My jump was not nearly as much fun this time. I was fighting a head cold and was in a LOT of pain when our plane climbed in elevation. My ear seemed to pop and felt better from about 6,000 feet to 13,000 feet... when we jumped it didn't hurt until it was time to pull the cord. My head was filled with so much pressure/pain it was all I could focus on. I tried to enjoy the free fall, but I was really in a ton of pain. What a bummer I couldn't hear for days !! 

I jumped with the same diver as last time!
Me and Jared 

After our jump we convinced Kenny to give the wind tunnel a try.  It basically simulates the wind pressure/speed of a free fall sky dive and is called indoor skydiving. You take an instructional class and then you get to go play. We lucked out because they had a cancellation in the class that started just a few minutes after we arrived! Generally you need reservations to participate. For $50 you get 2 one minute 'flights' It looked like a lot of fun and Kenny enjoyed it. I am adding it to my bucket list!! 

Kenny flying! 

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