Friday, March 2, 2012


I had SUCH a great day! I took a 1/2 off of work to do some things that I have been putting off. BUT first I went to lunch with my "New Restaurant Friday" buddies. We didn't actually go to a new restaurant this week since Beverly is in Costa Rico we we didn't want her to miss out. We (Donna, Jackie, Jereme, Stacy and I) went to Leo's Hawaiian BBQ- I of course had the lemon pepper chicken and it was delicious. Afterward we walked over to Baskin Robbons to enjoy a little ice cream... I had Love Potion #31 a raspberry, chocolaty goodness... yummo!

After I dropped everyone off back at work - ha ha ha - I went to the mall. In October I had my make-up done at Clinique for a wedding and they did such a great job! This may shock you but I have only owned TWO sets of make up in my entire life...seriously two... When I was a junior in HS my grandma took me to Estee Lauder to have my make-up done for Prom and then she bought everything they used on me! I used that same make up for years (I know the stuff expires, but if you only wear it once or twice a year it is really hard to justify buying new stuff...) When my mom lived with us in 2005 she bought me an entire set of bare minerals make up... which I have been using since then... ANYWAY, I was wanting to switch from the powder to liquid foundation. Now that my freckles are getting darker and I am getting more and more age spots I thought liquid was the way to go. I ended up buying a new face washing system too... it seems I have out grown the Clearasil face wash I have been using for the last 17+ years...

My next stop was VS. I had a few coupons and money I had been saving for this shopping adventure... I spent too much but got an gorgeous new bra, several pairs of panties, a 'free' sample of perfume and a 'free' bag.

I headed home with all my loot and watch The Dolphin Tale that I ordered from Netflix weeks ago. It was a GREAT movie and I am glad I finally took the time to watch it.

When my mom got off work, Kenny and I headed to their house. Kenny stayed and played darts while my mom and I got pedicures! I am excited to start wearing sandals since the weather is warming up.

After our pedicures we met the guys (my dad, Kenny, Brian and the boys) at AppleBees for dinner. It was fun as usual.

After dinner Kenny, my brother the boys and I went out to the movies... it was getting late, but Little Brian had his heart set on seeing the Lorax movie on Dr. Seuss' birthday. All week in school they had worked on reading Dr. Seuss books. He asked earlier in the week if we could go and I really didn't know anything about it... hadn't even heard of the book. Anyway, we missed our show time at the first theater so we ended up going to another one... the 8:30 show was almost sold out when we got there, but they had a 9:20 3D IMAX showing... so we took the chance and paid the extra money for that show. Kenny and Brian went to see Ghost Rider 2 which started just before our showing so that worked out perfect. It was the boys FIRST 3D show and they were super impressed. It was priceless to see their expressions and the joy on their faces as they watch the 3D animation. I loved it when Jacob would say "whoa" and duck! So cute! The movie was adorable too and even though the boys were tired they both stayed awake and engaged throughout the entire movie. I can't wait until the movie comes out on DVD!

Great ending to a great day!

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