Monday, May 12, 2008

 On 5/12/2008 8:01 AM, Amanda L. Kuhn wrote:
Hi Everyone!!

Here is what we have been up to---
We were lucky enough to get tickets to the diamondbacks vs. the Houston Astros on Monday the 28th. It was a so much fun. The company seats are awesome (row 23!!) and the D-backs played great so it was a fun game to watch. They had the roof open and it was such a beautiful night.
On May 2nd we took Barb and Dave out to dinner as a little thank you for letting us park our trailer out at their house. We went to Texas Roadhouse and man was it good! The next day was Kenny’s concealed carry class. He said he learned a lot from the class and passed the test with flying colors.
On Friday I went to a late night sewing class with my girlfriend from work. It was a lot of fun we all brought snacks and stayed up late working on projects. I sewed a tote bag and two table runners that night.
Saturday we had softball practice with our church team. I got the first injury of the season by stopping a line drive with my knee… it is a nice shade of purple. Also, Kenny and I both got pretty sun burned. It was a fun practice because we played with the other co-ed team and the mens teams. After practice (and showers) we headed over to my brothers house for a mother’s day celebration. We had cake and ice cream and ended up playing a laughter filled game of Pictionary. It was a great time. Kenny and I went to dinner after words at Abucus Inn and went to see the new Harold and Kumar movie. It was pretty funny.
On Sunday (mother’s day), Kenny went to have breakfast with his Mom and Dave and I took my mom to church. Our church went all out for mothers day they had special songs, the cookies and donuts had pink sprinkles and all the women got a gift (a cute bottle of lotion). Also, mom and I got our picture taken at one of the free booths they set up. Kenny had fun over at his mom’s too. Dave made them breakfast and they enjoyed each other’s company. Later we had pork stakes at my parent’s house with my grandparents and parents.

It sure was an action filled weekend. Hope everyone is doing well!
Love ya!
Amanda and Kenny