Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If Heaven weren't so far away

Today I had a melt down... being in the old neighborhood gets me every time... 

I miss her.

The rest of my life seems like forever until I will see her again. 

You know that song, If Heaven werent so far away? Well if it wasn't...

I would grab us some Churches fried chicken and marshmallow eggs (because they are in stores right now and we both LOVE them) and tell her everything going on in my life. My raise at work. That I passed my AIS test and earned a new designation. Troubles. Highlights. Everything. Because she would genuinely care. I would listen to her stories and advice. 

I would give her a hug and hear her say, "I love you sweetheart." and get a kiss on the cheek. 

And then maybe loosing her wouldn't be so hard to take. 

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