Monday, July 2, 2007


Hi Everyone!!

I have changed the format of how I am doing the Kuhn updates so as not to bombard everyone with e-mails. I will just send out a monthly update now--- so they will probably be long... Anyway, here is what we have been up to in June-
Thursday (06/07) we went to my grandparent’s house for dinner. They ordered some Pizzas and we chatted for a few hours. It was a lot of fun and we need to do it more often. It always amazes me how different things were for them and it what really amazes me is how much things used to cost! I can’t fathom buying a house for less than a car costs now… amazing, but everyone made a whole lot less too so I guess it all works out.
Saturday (06/09) we took Andy out to Lake Pleasant on the boat. We had such a blast tubing! Andy is a riot and always up for more. He hit a huge wave and became airborne! He held on … until the tube hit the water again then he bounced out. I wish I had a video camera because it was awesome. We all got sun burned, but I think it was worth it.
On Tuesday (06/12) Kenny and I bought a travel trailer!! We had looked at a few and final narrowed it down to a Fun Finder. They actually had two- one new and one used of the same model. Being that I have never really camped in a trailer (or at all- for that matter) I wasn’t really sure what all we needed and good questions to ask. I was very glad Barb and Dave made the time to come out and give us some pointers. We ended up buying the new one and we just love it!!
On Wednesday (06/13) Beverly and I took a trip to Safford, AZ to visit a few agents down there. It is a long trip to make in a day but we were making good time, until we realized we had taken a wrong turn and ended up in New Mexico!! Ah man we had ourselves a good laugh --- later! We didn’t get back to the office until 7:30. Needless to say I missed my Tole class that night and Kenny fired me as his co-pilot (he he he).

On Saturday (06/16-06/17) we took the trailer up for a trial run. We (me, Kenny, our dog Hope and my parents) went up to Flagstaff just for over night. We stayed at an RV Park called Black Barts. The RV park was neat because it had a cool Stake house that had live performances.

We went over there for dessert Saturday night and had a good time listening to the NAU students perform various songs. It was a really neat place to stay and the weather was really great – although it was freezing at night!! We tried out everything on that trailer- from the AC and heater to the microwave and shower -- and of course all the beds. I think my favorite bed is the top bunk tucked in the back. My dad wanted it to be more of a camping experience and insisted on sleeping our under the stars in the bed of the truck in his sleeping bad. I don’t now how he did it because I was freezing inside the trailer! Sunday morning was Fathers day and Kenny made everyone pancakes. It was a great first trip and we cannot wait to take it out again.
On Wednesday (06/20) my dad celebrated his 50th b-day! We helped him celebrate my TP’ing their house with black, red and white crate paper and a b-day sign! Also, we went out to Applebee’s that night. It was a lot of fun and of course we had the Applebee’s crew sing to my dad. He was a good sport and we all got a kick out of it.

Thursday (06/21) We went to Cabellas for the first time and let me tell you I was more than impressed! Kenny had been there before but never really looked around. We really enjoyed it and now want to check out the new Bass Pro shop I keep hearing about- who knew?!

On Friday (06/22) we went up to Forest Lakes to deliver a desk for Sarah and Quint (Kenny’s grandparents). We took Toby (our little wiener dog) up with us. I think that little boy was in Heaven! He really enjoyed Sarah and all her attention (and treats).

 They tried to get him to say but I think he would miss his sisters too much J   Also, that weekend my bother moved into a house! They are very excited about it and I hear Little Brian is really enjoying huge yard they have now.
Kenny went to Vegas for a few days (06/25-06/28) for work. He did a ton of audits this trip so he won’t have to go back for a few months. It is a fun place to visit and I love to tag a long, but I stayed home this time to save some vacation days for other trips. He did some gambling and got to see a few movies. He says it was a lot of fun but he was very glad to be home (and so was I!!)
On Friday (06/29/07) we went to the Tempe Improv with Blair. We saw Bobby Collins – he was a hoot! He is from New York and had a lot of jokes about “desert people” and the heat- very appropriate for this time of year. The opener was really good too although I cannot remember his name. Blair had never been there before and thought it was a really neat place.
Saturday (06/30/07) we took the trailer (which had been at the dealer for some minor repairs) over to Barb’s house. We are fortunate to have her place to store it for now since we cannot keep it at our house because of the homeowners association. On the way out to Buckeye I met up with a friend, Michelle, at Hobby Lobby in Avondale. She helped me pick out some brushes for our Tole painting class- since they were 50% we had to take advantage of the savings! Saturday night we went out to Beverly and Lloyd’s house and went out to dinner. Her place is so neat! She has 1.25 acres of horse property. It is out off of 27th Ave (almost to Anthem). When she bought the property she was out in the middle of no where and now there are houses and stores all over the places which makes it difficult to ride the horses. We went to a really neat diner in Carefree. I love that little town – it looks like the old west or something. The four of us had a great time!
Sunday (07/01/07) we had the opportunity to go to a Brad Paisley concert! Dave had won some tickets, but he and Barb couldn’t go- so we did! It was a lot of fun- HOT- but fun. We originally had lawn seats, but since we were wearing Barb and Dave’s Camel Country T-shirt they upgraded our seats to the 200 section! I loved the 3 opening performers and Brad was great too. Thanks again Dave and Barb!

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday!


Amanda and Kenny