Thursday, December 28, 2006

Really Long

After 5 wonderful days off, Kenny and I are back to the grind today. We had a wonerful mini vacation with friends and family. Friday at work was a lot of fun. We had a gift exchange and my friend Carol chose me. She thought it would be funny to use packaging tape and wrap each gift individually! I think it took me 15 mins just to open my gift and my face was beat red by the end. On a better note, we got off work early after our luncheon catered by Famous Dave's BBQ. That evening we went to Tim and Blair's House to watch Dreamer and have our Christmas celebration. If you haven't see Dreamer you should rent it because it really is a great movie. Matthew and Hannah are getting so big! It is amazing how fast those little guys grow up.

Saturday we went to my Grandma and Grandpa Lang's house for our Christmas Celebration with my brother, his girlfriend Crystal and their son, little Brian. We ordered pizza and snacked on veggie trays and opened gifts. Little Brian was just pleased to pieces with the car 
My parents bought him. I think we could have taken the rest of the toys back and he would still have been content. We each received an adorable framed picture of little Brian on Santa's lap. Also, my grandma continued her tradition with the family photo calendar and individual ornaments for each of us. I think Kenny's ornament was my favorite. He got a cap with a diploma and the year. Very cute! And I lucky me I got one too!
Afterwards we went to the Christmas lights at the Church of Joy with my parents. It was so much fun! They have a radio station you can tune in to while you stroll through the lights in the comfort of your vehicle. It was pretty fun to try to figure our what all the displays were and what biblical story they went with.
Christmas Eve we spend the evening at Kenny's Mom and Dave's house with Christopher, Brittany, Nanette, Sarah, Quint, Barb and Dave. 

It is so nice to get the whole family together and just enjoy each other. Barb made everyone's favorite treats from the book that I made from last year. I thought that was pretty neat. Then when we were leaving there were 4 stockings hung on the front porch. Each stocking contained an Orange, an Apple, a walnut and jacks or marbles. These stocking stuffers are just what Sarah and Quint received as children growing up. It is really neat to bring old traditions into our modern celebrations.
When we got home from the party we had a special surprise from my parents. (they left a message saying Santa had dropped off a box to their house) We headed down the street to see what it was. When we got there we found a box full of goodies for Kenny. Just what his dad had always sent him (minus the mall gift cards) . The box contained payday candy bars, slim jims, gold fish crackers etc etc etc. It was always Kenny's tradition to open the package from his dad on Christmas Eve since that is when his dad would open up their family's gifts. It is always nice to remember the ones we love on the holidays and keep 
traditions going.
Christmas Day we got up bright and early... well 7 AM with an alarm!! 
We let the dogs out of our room to see what Santa brought the three of 
them. I though for sure after the whole in the drywall, whole in the 
carpet, huge wholes in the back yard, the drip system that was dug up 
and the many planks riped off the garden fence (to name a few...) that there would only be coal for them (which they would probably have happily eaten!) but they had toys and treats!. We got the home made 
cinnamon rolls going and invited my parents over for gifts. Next Barb, Dave, Sarah and Quint came over. 
Barb and Dave got us a pictionary  game and set up so played that most of the early afternoon. Then headed over to Nanette's. My mom joined us at Nanette's and we had a good time. We didn't stay too long because I wasn't feeling good. Kenny and I went home and I curled up in my new electric blanket and rested awhile. Once I got to feeling better Kenny and I started the major project of undecorating! We got the Christmas tree down and all the decorations and lights put away late Christmas night!
Then Tuesday was my moms B-day. My grandparents treated my mom, dad, 
Kenny and I to a wonderful lunch at our favorite little Mexican food 
restaurant. We did some after Christmas shopping and got stocked up on 
wrapping paper, ribbons, boxes, bags and tissue for next year.
Wednesday, My mom and I did some running around and left the boys at home to work! My dad worked on his garden, which is half his yard! And Kenny worked on fixing p our garden fence and making the dogs a dig 
area (so maybe they will leave the fence alone....) Also, Kenny made 
an adorable picket fence for my parents front porch with a few of the 
extra planks.
Well, I hope that is everything.... if I have forgotten anything I am 
sorry... I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and we would love to 
hear from you.
Best Wishes in the new year!

Amanda and Kenny

Monday, December 4, 2006


Monday again after another whirlwind weekend for Kenny and me. First thing (5AM -yuck) Saturday morning we headed up to Kenny's grandparents house in Forest Lakes. We made the trip to get their buggy and bring it down here for the winter, but decided to bring our Shelby (5 month old lab) with us for some fun. Shelby loved the snow and was so good the 6 hours in the car too. We got home about 1 PM took the Truck and buggy to Buckeye and headed to my brothers B-day dinner at Applebees. Brian and Crystal are doing so well and their little Brian is adorable!! We headed over to his apartment to open presents and got to see Brian's elaborate lighting decorations. Next we dropped by my parents house to drop of the ramps we borrowed to get the buggy in the truck. Then it was off to Barb's surprise birthday get together at County Line.  Sunday we did some catching up on housework, laundry and Studying. Kenny and I are both working toward designations at work, but his first test is this next Monday so he is in crunch time now. The courses are self study so they can be challenging when you don't have someone to keep you accountable. In the morning I went with my parents to the Posie Patch craft show and had a wonderful time. There were so many vendors and inspiring ideas! Also, my grandparents came by for a visit in the afternoon. Before you know it here we are at work again. So how is everyone else doing? We love hearing back from everyone!