Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fabric Fairy, Cow Duck and and a shiny black Lab

My friend Carol is SUPER generous and is constantly sharing fabric with me... I love it (I know duh who wouldn't?) She heard that my Aunt Barbara and I were sewing together and were needing some charms... the next day I got this bag of fabric on my desk! My Aunt is going to be so excited! 

After work I decided to take the Taylor boys on a little adventure... We went to Taco Bell and ordered a grip of Doritos Tacos, oh yes I said DORITO Tacos and went to the park.  
Little Brian 


We spent a lot of time feeding the ducks and geese - 
Jacob, Kenny, Little B, Brian 

Oh and Jacob pointed at this one and said, "COW DUCK." I thought I would die laughing... He is getting to be so smart and funny!

Last time we went to this park Little Brian discovered the turtles.... this time my brother discovered the giant goldfish! It was crazy watching their huge heads come out of the water... the boys were in awe of course : )

Here are some other pictures I took tonight with my awesome new camera - 

Oh, and we got Shelby groomed! I was hoping it wouldn't be a waste of money ($50) to have her deshedded, but she is SO soft and feels so much better... worth the money. I wish I would have taken a picture of her when she first got home because she looked so good... she digs everyday so the clean is already gone, but the lack of hair is wonderful!! 

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