Monday, March 5, 2012


By the time my actual birthday rolled around I had already been celebrating for several days! Spoiled rotten I know. When I woke up I was already 29 (since I was born at 4:12 AM). When I got to work my cubicle was decorated by my silly co-workers Donna, Joanna and Stacy. The apparently got caught by my buddy Becky : ) And my desk was filled with gifts from my lovely coworkers. Birthdays really make me feel special.

For lunch a group of my coworkers treated me (and Kenny) to Olive Garden- Becky, Candace, Jackie, Donna, Jereme and my hubby all went. I was also treated by several different people for other bday lunches throughout the week : )

After work Kenny treated me and my family all to Carolina’s Mexican food. Jacob was happy to sit next to me at the table – (heart happy).  It was my mom’s first time there and she loved it. We all laughed and dared my brother to do shots of their extremely hot, hot sauce… he did about 4 of them and was sweating pretty good in the end! Lol

After dinner we had ICE CREAM cake at my parents house… it was delicious of course.

And I got to open MORE presents from my family. The boys (actually my brother) got me beautiful necklaces with their birthstones in them. I love them!

Before we left the coaxed me out on to the porch … you would have thought I would have been a little more suspicious since it was my idea to silly string the boys… but I was caught off guard. The got me good with TEN cans of silly string!! It smelled horrible and was actually really cold! The boys sure got a kick out of getting Aunt Amanda too…

Little Brian got some cake in the face just for fun... he thought that was great : )

I cannot believe I am already 29….I don’t feel like it... time just ticks on. I really try not to waste my days on this earth. I have my bucket list, but more importantly I want to focus on people by trying to make a ripple in someone’s life by giving them a little surprise, helping them or just making their day a little easier. I don’t have a list of things to do in my LAST year of my twenties, but I hope to make it count!! 

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