Monday, February 26, 2007

Flying by!

Hello Everyone!

Wow! Can you believe we are already at the end of February!? Seems like we were just making new year's resolutions! So how was everyone's week last week? Any fun plans or special events coming up?

Last Wednesday Kenny and I got to go to the Phoenix Suns game and watch them beat the Boston Celtics!  We got the tickets from the Kia dealership for test driving a car, so we were in the "Kia section" up in the 200s. Although, we don't usually keep up with the suns or watch the games on TV --it was such a blast to be there and watch them. I really enjoyed it.

Friday I was off of work and took advantage of the extra time. I cleaned the house and then went with my friend, Blair, out to Buckeye to get her puppy! She adopted a little female black lab from the same litter as Barb and Dave! How neat is that! She was going to get a male, but fell in love with the little girl. Her son Matthew wanted to name the pup Captain Jack Sparrow, but settled for Black Pearl since she is a girl. We also went and looked at a few model homes out in Surprise and Goodyear- just for the decorating tips!

Saturday, I drug Kenny to the Posie Patch craft show at Ironwood High School. It was a lot of fun and very inspiring for me. Next we headed off to do some shopping at Kohls were we ran into Blair and Mike (a guy from our work). I guess Kohls is the place to be on Saturdays...  When we got home we were got a visit from two bike riders... my mom and dad! They got these really neat new custom bikes. My mom's bike is a cute 3 wheeler with a basket and my dads has a 'chair' as the seat. Really neat and great for the exercise! We went out to Apple Bees with them later that evening for dinner.

Sunday, was our relaxing day. We went to the grocery store and did a few other errands. We also did a few things in the back yard. We made Shelby a digging pit, which will hopefully help her stop digging up our grass. Also, Kenny fixed all the sprinkler heads she has chewed up and filled in one hole in the side yard with cement...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Puppy Dogs and Babies

Good Morning Everyone!!

I bet many of you are enjoying an extended weekend today - lucky people... however we are back at work after a weekend filled with puppy dogs and babies (really!)

Kenny woke up Friday with a really bad back ache and ended up going to a new Chiropractor to get some relief. They told him he had signs of arthritis already… Hopefully this new Chiropractor will be able to help him.  Also, Friday night Kenny and I babysat our one month old nephew, Jacob. I was so excited about it, but nervous too since neither one of us have ever changed a diaper!! My brother and Crystal were gracious enough to trust us with their little one and gave me a crash course in diapers and bottles. My mom is just down the street so I wasn't too worried, but still a big step for us. We took my parents out to dinner at our little Mexican food restaurant on Grand --- sorta a down payment for late night calls for help with the baby! It was cute to see my dad hold such a tiny baby and of course my mom (grandma) is a pro. Then we headed to the house- Jacob was so well behaved... our dogs on the other hand were not happy at all. They were very curious and jealous of the baby.  Then when they couldn't sleep in our room that night they were just mad as can be. They were up all night crying, barking and scratching at our door. Jacob slept right through it all and woke up around 2, went back to bed after his bottle and everything and woke up at 5. Such a sweet boy : )

Saturday morning we took Jacob home and Little Brian was not too happy to see his brother come home. He frowned at us when we carried him in. We asked him if he was happy his brother was home and he said, "no" It is too funny because when I was born I guess my brother was the same way... he Asked my mom "When is she going home" ha ha, he even had a sense of humor then. After we dropped him off I headed off to my quilting class. Then we just tried to recuperate the rest of the day!  My parents took us out for dinner at this really great Chinese Buffet right up the street from our houses. All you can eat! We were stuffed : ) Then we went over to their place and played a few games of cribbage. Dad and I won 2/3 games… he he he had to add that in.

Sunday we did some cleaning (those dogs can really mess up a house!) My mom and I ran up to Sun Valley quilts and picked up some adorable Easter fabrics for a project. Later my grandparents stopped by for a visit. I really enjoy have guests out to the house and visiting. Then we went and picked up my new ring at Jared! Yes, he went to Jared! It is a long story, but this was my Christmas/Anniversary gift, but our old jeweler didn't come through so we switch to Jared and we love them! Then we drove out to Buckeye to have dinner with Barb, Dave, Sarah and Quint.  When we got there Dave had the cutest little puppy on his lap! They adopted a 6 week old black lab! What a surprise! We knew Dave wanted one and I guess when they found the pups on Valentines Day- cupid did his work! They adopted little Sally on Sunday  : )  She is such a lover and perfectly content sitting on your lap--- we’ll see how that works out when she is 80 lbs! We got to walk down to the neighbors house and meet her mom and dad and see her litter mates. The women had them set up in her barn, along side the chickens and horses. It was a lot of fun to check them out. Puppies are great--- it is a good thing we don’t have a bigger yard otherwise we would have had a new Chocolate lab last night!!
Oh there is even more news--Dave's two kids, Kip and Jen, were in the Jr. Olympics this past week for fencing! They also had an article and their picture in the paper this past week as well. Below is a link to the article if you want to take a look- also I attached the file, but I don't think the picture came through.  Maybe there will be some Meyer Olympic gold medalist in the not to distant future!

Sorry these are getting so lengthy... I guess I just have lots to say about my family to my friends and family : )
Anyway, have a great week everyone!

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hi Everyone--- time to get caught up --

We had a nice Super Bowl Sunday. I was intensely cramming, but did catch bits and pieces of the commercials! We had nachos and sloppy joes for dinner with my parents.

Last Monday- the 5th I took another test. This will be part 5 out of 8. As many of you know I am working diligently toward my CPCU professional designation. There are 8 parts which are college level classes which you self study and take one exam. It is a pass/fail- no grades. Once I complete this designation I will be part of the CPCU chapter in my area and the company will award me $850 along with an all expense paid trip to the award ceremony. In 2007 the award ceremony is in Hawaii! That is what I am shooting for, but they are intense courses that usually take 6 months each... Either way I am glad to have another part under my belt. Now it is on to the next one!

Saturday we bummed around town. We went by Kenny's old store and saw his buddy Danny. Turns out Kenny is still know as the French Bread King! When he was the manager over there his bakery was number one in French Bread sales ever week... but since he left they haven't been. It's always nice to know you were appreciated and remembered.

Sunday we went to Little Brian's second B-day party. He is such a cutie pie! He was too funny when it was time to sing and blow out the candle he knew just what to do and blew is out just before we could start singing! So cute-- And Jacob what a doll! He is just over a month old and precious as can be. He is lifting his head now and awake longer. It is so fun to see him change and so fast too.

Monday and Tuesday I was off to California to visit several agencies I underwrite for. We traveled all over Southern California! Redlands on Monday night and all the way to San Diego on Tuesday. I saw the ocean, but there was no time to stop and play on the beach--- work work work : ) Our office over there is in Lauguna Hills and I fly into the John Wayne Airport - which is nice because it is a smaller air port with only two Terminals.

For Valentines Day we went to the Tempe Improve! Kenny planned the whole thing - dinner and a show. We saw a comedian from Comedy Central named Jeff Dunham. He is a ventriloquist. It was so much fun and we got free ticket to go back again!