Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving Contest

We had a fun little pumpkin carving contest with Little Kenny, Brian, my Kenny, Jereme and Melodi.

Little Kenny waited until the day before Halloween to purchase his pumpkin and ended up spending 2 hours searching for one--- A for effort for sure! We could only find the little ones so I used a little one since my design was small.

Here are our pumpkins - 

Me- Spider 

Brian- Dodge Challenger 

Kenny - Dodge Truck 

Little Kenny - Honda 

Jereme- Toyota 


See any resemblance in the guys pumpkins??? Its all about cars lol I posted all the pictures on facebook for our friends to vote.... Little Kenny campaigned pretty hard and won himself a $5 starbucks gift card. 

I had a really good time with the whole thing and it was fun to do something with our cousin even though he is in another state. This was my first carving experience on my own.... next year I will try something a little more challenging. 

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