Saturday, October 8, 2011


Today was one jam packed day of girly fun! The day started a little on the early side... 6 AM as my mom and I headed over to Mesa for the Bazzill Warehouse Sale! When we arrived we couldn't believe the line... it wrapped around the building. There were absolutely no parking spots and we had to parallel park down the street! You would think this would have been an indicator to us that maybe we were a bit over our heads with this sale, but um... no we just hoped in line with everyone else. We ended up waiting in that line for 2 1/2 hours before we got to go inside! Seriously people its just paper... 10 cents a sheet for quality 12X12 paper, but still; CRAZY. When we got into the tiny shipping room we realized once again the intensity of the situation. Each box holds about 150-200 sheets of paper and you can choose your the colors you would like. At first this was our plan, but after trying to fight the crowds of women lining the walls choosing a couple of each color... we ended up getting a huge pack of prepackaged paper and a box of half black and half white. We did get spools and spools of ribbon for $1 and some other items. We both agreed that it was nice to finally know what all the hype was about, but we would not go back...


After we had a quick lunch and drove back across town we headed to our friend, Stargret's church for their Super Saturday craft day. Their craft day was SO awesome! They had enough projects that someone could probably spend the day and get all their Christmas gifts made! They had a growth chart, Temple art, a bracelet, how to make fabric flowers, a count down chalk board and Stargret's wood block project. I did the chalk board count down for $7 and learned how to make fabric flowers for fifty cents while my mom did her Fall/Christmas blocks at Stargret's station.

After crafting we were pretty exhausted so I dropped my mom off and relaxed a little before heading out to Blair's jewelry party. I love home parties... I don't love making my friends buy things they don't need, but I love the idea of the parties so I booked one.... and I won these earrings.

I had to head to leave the jewelry party early so that I could make it in time to Melodi's Bachelorette Party. They all had dinner at Michelle's house before they came to the bowling alley so I just met them at the bowling. We bowled a few games, but mostly just chatted and laughed. It was a good time.

This morning Kenny took Jereme to breakfast as part of the master plan to kidnap him for his bachelor party. Jereme's friends came and took him from the restaurant and drove him to Las Vegas! I was super proud since I knew about the secret for weeks and didn't make a peep! Anyway, Kenny did his part and then hung out with his mom the rest of the day.

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