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Bintz Wedding

Friday evening was the rehearsal dinner. It was really helpful to go through exactly each part of the ceremony and practice walking up and down the isle with the groomsmen so I knew just what to expect. After the rehearsal Brenda, Jereme's mom, made a huge Italian meal ... from scratch! It was SO good! We met a couple from Melodi's church, Penny and Ray and ended up chatting with them all night.

The next morning I picked up Melodi at 8AM. I felt honored that she asked me to drive her around on her wedding day! We stopped at Starbucks for her favorite pumpkin muffin and a hot chocolate, but since it was so warm out we opted for soda and water... if you haven't tried the Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffin from Starbucks, you are missing out! Be warned they are 470 calories each AND addictive!

We arrived at JCPenny shortly before the doors opened and met up with Jenika, another bridesmaid. The day of papering began with a pedicure- Jenika's first ever and then a manicure! Although, I did not get a pedicure or manicure I sat and chatted with the girls as they got pampered. I went to the cheap nail place by my work and got mine done for half the salon price on Thursday.... I know that is kind of tacky, but Melodi said I could do what I wanted and bride= boss : ) Michelle got her hair done first and then joined the group to do her nails.
Melodi- pedicure time!!

manicure time 
Before we knew it is was time for hair for Melodi, Jenika and me. I am SO cheap I really didn't want to pay someone $60 to put a few curls in my hair.... but they convinced me to do a wash/blow dry style for $28 and I am SO glad I did! She did a great job!!

Melodi got an updo and we were all amazed as we watch the hairstylist get all those long locks up on her head!! When she did her practice run through it took her an hour and half!! Luckily it only took over an hour on the wedding day!!

After Jenika and I grabbed a pretzel as a snack (I was specifically instructed to make sure the bride ate!), we walked down to Dillard's to have our make-up done next at the Clinique counter. We all had our make-up done by professionals and man did we look HOT! lol I LOVE Clinique make-up and defiantly have their liquid foundation on my wish list!

hen we finished it was 12:40PM ... we were scheduled to be at the church at 1 PM for the 2PM ceremony! I was panicked, especially since the 101 was closed and we needed to make it from 83rd Ave and Bell to 40th street and Shea !! Melodi was not nervous AT ALL ! She had it right though, its not like they would start without her!! All that was left for us to do was change into our dresses so she just wasn't worried... We actually made excellent time and got to the church about 1:20. We quickly changed, took some pictures with the photographer and waited for the time to come. I was getting more and more anxious as the time approached and I finally heard Melodi whisper that she was nervous as we walked out the door to head to the chapel.

my bouquet 

Mel's completed hair 
Tyler, my groomsman, and I were the first of the wedding party to walk into the chapel.... I was SO nervous I was shaking. Once we made it to the front I knew I was pretty safe, because all eyes would be diverted to the rest of the wedding party and then the bride! We were asked not to take pictures during the ceremony (bummer and please don't think I would have done that from the front of the church... I would have had Kenny do it ha ha) so I have to wait until they get their professional pictures back. The ceremony was SO nice! Melodi's pastor is a female and I am not sure why, but I just don't like that BUT this woman is amazing! I wish I could remember more specifics from the beautiful service, but to be honest I was just trying to stand still and not pass out. Jenika and Michelle sang a duet which was also amazing - so much talent in that little church!

After Jereme kissed his bride and they were announced as husband and wife they left and we followed to the song, Walking on Sunshine which was super cute. We headed back into the bridal room and waited for the chapel to clear out so we could head back in to take pictures.  After my part was done Kenny and I got to hang out until the reception started 1 1/2 hours later.

Kenny had been asked to help Jereme get ice for the bottled water (since it was over 100 that day!) and he was so funny about getting to be part of the wedding. He took his job very seriously and regularly refilled the bins with water and ice to keep all of the guests hydrated. He was also constantly seeing what he could do to help out and bring water for Jereme and Melodi. It was cute : )

Melodi and Jereme 


Kenny and I 

The reception started about 4PM with the announcement of Mr. & Mrs. Jereme Bintz and their first dance as a married couple.

Jason , the best man giving the toast 

Melodi signing the marriage license 

Jereme signing the marriage license 

After the food was blessed, by Jereme's pastor it was time to eat. All of the food was amazing, my only complaint was it was too much!! Salad, rolls, rice, potatoes, kabobs and an entire roasted PIG !    Wow! Luckily the Martinez's (Penny and Ray that we met the night before) joined our table so Kenny and I weren't loaners all night (since we didn't know anyone else there) and they brought their friend's Barb and Bob.

After the grandfather/daughter and mother/son dances they did an anniversary dance. All the married couples were asked out onto the dance floor. Basically you danced until you were eliminated by years married, first was less than 4 hours and Jereme and Melodi had to leave : ) Then one year, two year etc. The couple that was married the longest was Jereme's grandparents at 61 years!!

Next was the cake cutting. The cake was beautiful, but it was a really good thing they were nice to eat other because that blue icing really stained their teeth and lips!

Next they did a honeymoon dance where you paid to dance with the bride or the groom to provide funds toward their honeymoon! It was a super cute idea... Kenny and I were the first to jump in! They danced and danced with all the guests. Jereme's brother Nathan is so hilarious and paid to dance with Jereme which was a riot.

They did a teddy bear toss to the little kids which was adorable and would be really cute if there were more than two kids. What kid doesn't want to go home with a little teddy bear from the wedding?

That was followed by the traditional bouquet toss ( I donated mine since the florist forgot to make a tossing bouquet!) and then the garter toss.

The DJ requested both the winners of the garter toss and bouquet toss to come back to the front for the garter 'return' ceremony. The poor girl (Jereme's cousin?) was so red when she thought it was going to be on her.... but then they switched her for Jereme's brother Nathan... It was a good laugh.

Near the end of the reception someone a couple blocks away set of several fireworks which added to the super amazing reception! It was a surprise to the bride and groom and no one knew who did it!

Before we knew it, it was time for the last dance! Everyone rushed to the dance floor and somehow they started a big circle and we all joined in and circled Jereme and Melodi as they danced.

They dashed off into the night with caution tape streaming from the back bumper as the newest married couple in Phoenix!

After they left the wedding party and whoever was left helped fold all the chairs and tables and bring them into the building along with the linens and centerpieces.... it was hard work after a long day, but many hands make light work was defiantly true here! The DJ was super and continued to play great music while we cleaned up.

All of their hard work finding the perfect vendors really paid off! Their photographer was amazing and would set up a photo and then yell - photo op for the rest of us to take our pictures. I have been to weddings before where the professional photographers get mad when you take pictures on top of theirs... Plus the DJ was great as well and all of the food was amazing and everyone was super nice and friendly.

Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Bintz!!

PS I included this picture just because its funny: 

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