Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guess Who??

My office is having a bake sale tomorrow benefiting The United Way. I thought this would be a great time to try out one of the million ideas I have pinned on pinterest and needed something simple since I had the girls over for scrapbooking tonight too.

I chose these super simple owls! Chocolate cupcakes, a package of Oreos and a bag or reeses pieces- need I say more ?

I had a few extra, so I ding dong ditched the Taylor house with a sign that said, "Guess Who?" The boys were delighted.

 I just love living down the street from them!! On that same note - as I was driving home from work today I got stopped by Brian's bus at his stop! I waved to my brother and Little Brian (who squealed with delight when he saw my truck) and yelled that I would see him after he finished his homework and he gave me a big old grin. I was tickled : )
My dad made a comment tonight that I treat the boys just like his Aunt Joyce always did him. She paid lots of attention to him and spoiled him. He remembered being the ring bearer in her wedding . It was neat to learn something new about him and that somehow I am like his favorite childhood aunt was : ) 

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