Saturday, October 1, 2011

10 Year HS Reunion

Tony and Kenny 

I can hardly believe 10 years has passed since I graduated from High School!! I gave a lot of thought about attending the reunion and finally decided that I would regret not going more than going. Not one of the HS friends that I am still in contact with had planned on coming...BUT at the last minute Jereme and Melodi AND Tony and Janesse decided to come! 
Left side: Me, Janesse, Melodi
Right: Jereme, Tony and Kenny 

Janesse and Tony Wood
Jereme - we told him to look super excited about winning this bag in the trivia contest 
Tony and Ryan 
I am not gonna lie, I was SO super nervous about going. I got my nails done, bought a new dress and shoes and got my hair cut (way too short!) in short spent WAY too much money on just one evening (besides the $95 it cost to attend!) I am terrible at small talk and am extremely self conscious about my weight (I actually eat now unlike when I was in HS). The entire time I had in the back of my head that people were saying - look how fat Amanda Taylor got ha ha ha 

I was too intimated by the 'popular crowd' to approach anyone, however several people came over to chat with me which was super nice. I don't know why, but I have never had an easy time talking to 'new' people or making small talk, but especially this group... I just feel like they are better than me or something - apparently an old HS scar.

Kenny was a good sport as usual and talked with whoever involved him, but mostly enjoyed spending time with Tony. Although, Kenny didn't go to Washington he still knew several of the people since we dated my Jr and Sr year and he was dragged back into the HS scene despite being in college. 

After being accosted by a friendly drunk classmate we decided we had talked to everyone we were going to talk to and the 6 of us left to grab some delicious dessert at the Gelato Spot. 

I am really glad we went and am thankful the Woods and Bintzs came!! Janesse got it right when she said 'Real Friends make all the difference' They are the people who laugh with you (or maybe a little bit at you but only in love) when you spill water all over yourself while talking to someone... 

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  1. I love this post, and you guys and Ryan are the reason that we went at all. I had so much fun hanging out with you and Kenny and Jereme and Melodi. We'll have to get together for a Denny's reunion soon. :)