Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Very Fun Thursday

Fall Festivals sure have changed in the last 20 years since I was in elementary school... I remember games, face painting and cotton candy. Tonight Little Brian's school put on a Fall Festival that was all about learning. Don't get me wrong it was fun (pretty much anything with those boys), just different than I expected. Each child was given a passport to go around the school and collect stamps. They did a science experiment, played math games, practiced reading comprehension and more. I am SO impressed how much Little Brian has progressed in the past few months! Although, he is still behind his peers, according to his teacher, I can see him excelling ahead of them in the years to come.

In the Cafeteria they had a sensory activity where the children were blind folded and lead around the room and prompted to smell, touch, taste and feel different items and guess what they were. It was very crowded and hard to lead the boys around the room. Little Brian was so excited he kept bouncing around (now I KNOW where the term bouncing off the walls came from lol) and bumping people. Jacob took it very seriously and unfortunately would get left behind.... we would move forward and he would patiently wait, blind folded, for someone to lead him to the next station. Anyhow we decided not to finish that activity.

People just loved the boys costumes and lots of people would comment, "Hey Mario and Luigi!" Jacob was really tickled by that and said, "They don't know its me, Jacob."

After the festival mom, the boys and I went to Taco bell for dinner. I really can't believe how much Little Brian can eat... I think my brother is in trouble when he gets to be a teenager!

After dinner we went to boo the Ross family. The boys are really enjoying all this booing and were very excited to 'ding dong ditch'. The way the house is set up you have to go through a gate and into the yard to get to the front door. Little Brian wasn't about to do that so I ended up setting the bag in place and they rang the door bell. 

While we were off playing Kenny and Brian got invited to the Hockey game because Jereme and Melodi had extra tickets. I passed since I was already busy, but Brian and Kenny went and decided to invite Trevor (Kim watch the kids) since he loves Hockey too. They all had a really good time in the box suite seats and the Coyotes won ! 

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