Saturday, October 1, 2011

EMC Fall Picnic

Jacob with his snow cone

Brian, the boys, Kenny and I had a blast at the EMC Fall Picnic. There were games, a bounce house, cotton candy, snow cones, burgers and more. Although, a little warm, the weather turned out pretty nice and the rain held off so we could have our fun!

Kenny, Brian and the boys participated in almost everything ! They played the hola hoop toss over the pumpkins- Little Brian is the only one who got a ringer from our group and he was SO proud he beat his dad and uncle. 

Stacy and her boyfriend 
Brian and Little Brian being silly - heaven forbid they give me a real smile 
Here we are all lined up for the egg game. Its funny how exciting these kids games can be to adults (oh yeah and the kids!) Brian and Kenny won one of the three games!

Melodi and I relaxing in the grass

The guys all participated in the licorice eating contest and Kenny won!! It was a cute idea- they just put one piece of licorice in a cup and whoever ate it the quickest won. 

Oh yes and the pie eating contest---
Jereme, Brian and Fabian 

They didn't win because another guy actually ate an ENTIRE pie in the 2 minutes they were given! lol I am pretty sure Brian would have won 2nd prize 
Jereme and Brian
For each event received tickets for participation and even more if you actually won an event. At the end they did a raffle. Our friend Donna won a $20 GC to Jamba Juice and we won TWO pumpkins which is so perfect because we wanted to carve pumpkins with the boys this month! Woot Woot ! 

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