Monday, October 17, 2011

Kids craft night

Since I have become totally and completely addicted to pinterest my mind is just over flowing with ideas of things to make, cook and do! I know Jacob loves crafts and Little Brian will do them if you ask him to, but Blair and I had talked about having a craft night long ago and never followed through... so I decided to put on a little craft night for Blair's two older kids Matt and Hannah and then our friend Tamera's kids ; Janessa, Nathanial and Jonas and my favorite nephews Little Brian and Jacob. 

I invited Brian and Kenny to come along and hoped they would participate, but thought it would be nice if we all just got to hang out together too. 

We made Ghost Poop, Hershey Bar Mummies, Jack-o-lantern seeds (AKA tic tacs) and eye ball frames. Even though all of the kids were on different skill levels it was doable for the 3 year old up to the 11 year old. Everyone's projects were just a little different and most of the kids were very proud of what they had made.

When we were walking out the door, Blair said what do you guys say to Amanda and They all screamed, "THANK YOU!" but Janessa added that this was the best night ever : )  

I defiantly want to do it again- I love spreading the joy of crafting (my checking account just doesn't always love it lol) 

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