Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Make n Take ... by me!

Our company is very big on Health and Wellness and does events and challenges throughout the year to promote healthy living. In conjunction with that we have a Health and Wellness committee in our branch that sponsors and organizes events. They do activities at work like group walks, health trivia, Fresh Fruit Fridays (free fruit!), healthy pot lucks, games and puzzles (mental health).

The ghost card in the middle is what we made 
One day I got back from lunch after doing a make and take at a local scrapbook store and thought ' What a great mental break in my day?!' So I offered to put on a make and take at lunch for my coworkers.

This is the card we made and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. Only about 8 people signed up, but that is a little over 10% participation for our branch so I was pleased with that number. I was able to use ALL supplies I already had at home so the project didn't cost anything but time!

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